Best Buy has 50pck Verbatim for 12.99

Just thought i would let you guys know. I went to my local BB this morning and they had 50 packs of Verbatim + and - R on sale for 12.99 a pack. I thought it was a pretty good deal for a 100 MCC004 for 27 bucks :slight_smile:

Not 25.98 (~ 26)? They actually charge more for each if you buy two packs? :eek:

I bought a spindle of MCC004 at Best Buy yesterday, they were PAPA MIT Verbs, and they were not a good batch. Most of the spindles they had were Prodisc. They still had a few with the Intelliflix offer on the top.


What serial number? 2006/K I guess.

Tax was 2 bucks

My Best Buy has PAPA’s, 2005, MIT. So far so good.

@alan – giggle… giggle… I’ve been waiting for you to get a lousy batch of Verbs! j/k

just bought 6 spindles of 50 +R…they were all MIT and they had a few more…no MII at all…

Hope I didnt waste my money as I am waiting on my new Poineer 111 to get here …I just got a new Lite On LH-20A1H - 186…20X burner but I heard the Pioneer was better all around…I may keep both so I hope this stuff works on both of these burners.

yeah the two spindles i got was MIT and thats all they had also so i was quite happy. I have burned one dvd+r so far on my benq 1655 and it turned out pretty good, somewhere around 300 PIF and it had a perfect TRT curve so i would say it was worth it.

Evil :iagree:


only -R MIT in my area and I first found made in china media DYNEX +/- R 16X media

Are you going by the date on the label, or the serial number?

The date on the label. The entire stamped hub code is PAPA27KHO9154480 3. Is that considered the serial number? There is also a ZD8145… code that can be seen from beneath the disc.

[BTW, these scan slightly better than other PAPA’s purchased from OfficeMax where PIEs were about 4 times higher. But slightly worse than a freak batch of PAPA’s I’m still going through that scans PIFs over 4 times better. All of these scans are great.]

The discs were actually made in 2006, going by the hub code.