Best Buy getting desperate?



I just posted the article Best Buy getting desperate?.

Word on the interweb is that Best Buy is looking to get Blu-ray into your home. The Insignia NS-BRDVD player is about as bottom-of-the-barrel for a Blu-ray player as it gets, but can be…

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Strange headline, strange content. Desperate? Fire sale? Scheme? How about “Best Buy adds budget BluRay player ahead of holidays”? Nah, wouldn’t be CDFreaks without a big helping o’ bias.


First, I want to thank management for posting this even though the content was a bit short. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Second, I can’t believe deckard would crap on CDFREAKS for something I posted about Blu-ray. Do you even read my comments, man? If you don’t think Blu-ray is having a fire sale then you need to leave your basement more often. The global economy just went tits up and Best Buy, Future Shop, Circuit City, and a bunch of other retailers have a buttload of Blu-ray inventory that is getting caked with dust as I type this. Nobody wants to shell out $40 for the hi-def version of… well, anything. People are losing their homes. The Canadian dollar, which was trading at $1.10 USD less than a year ago, is now trading at under $0.80 USD. Oil is selling at less than $70 USD a barrel today. Interest rates and stock prices have plummeted. Wake up, deckard. This isn’t bias, it’s what’s really going on in the world… and the news is bad.



Blu-Ray disc is here to stay, wether you say it is or not. Best Buy is advertising a sale, that’s what they do. The world isn’t coming to an end, in fact now is the time to make your fortune. People who lost their homes are the same people who would’ve lost them anyway regardless of the “economy woes”.

I’ll take 2 of those players, thank you.


@ discman009

I never said that Blu-ray wasn’t here to stay. I’m just saying that the general public isn’t buying into Blu-ray for numerous reasons, one of them being the current state of the global economy.

Stores have stock + people aren’t buying = FIRE SALE.

It’s good that you have money and want to buy Blu-ray. For every 1 discman009 there are, I’m guessing, 8 DukeNukems.


Duke, your anti-Blu-ray bias is getting old fast. The holidays are coming up. If the rumors are right, most retailers will be selling Blu-ray players for $100-$150 come Black Friday. They do this every year. Retailers dangle a hot ticket item in front of consumers, hoping that they’ll come into the store and pick up a few other items along with their cheap player.


He may be getting old, but he is in agrement with most analysts for the 4th quarter of 2008. They are ALL predicting a very, very poor performance- mainly due to the economy. It’s just the way it is.

Google Blu-ray sales if you want to see if Blu-ray is “here to stay”

The 4th quarter looks dismal to analysts (and I am not talking about paid off douches like iSupply) Remember- 4th quarter is what everyone hopes will make their year.

There is nothing wrong with Bluray aside from it’s draconian DRM scheme(s) that hobble your purchases. Unfortunately, these DRM “features” drug out the launch of both HD DVD and Blu-ray about 2 extra years after the tech was ready to go. I know, I saw it demonstrated in 2003 with a tri-mode drive running on a PC, even Nero had the recording software finished.

Couple this with the fact that they are trying to market something not many people need to begin with, or even want, and it all came along when the economy went belly up and hard drives became very cheap and streaming tech is being pushed as it cuts costs for providers. Who wants to market discs when you can use someones Internet or satellite account?

The same thing that brought down Wall Street will bring down Blu-ray-GREED. Take your incremental upgrades and shove 'em!


@ DukePukem

Name calling. Really? How old are you?



He’s “this many”… :smiley:


Funai makes Insignia, Magnavox, Sylvania and others which are cheap period! I returned my Magnavox and got a real BR player a Samsung P1500 for $248 on Fathers Day sale at Walmart and just bought another one from Amazon for $160 with purchase of new Matrix for $55.


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Blu-ray? We don’t want your stinking Blu-ray… Hard drives are $.12 a gig, flash drives are getting cheaper every day. Hi-def downloads are half the price of a Blu-ray disc if you PAY for them. Upconverting dvd players are dirt cheap. In 5 yrs you’ll be storing your Blu-ray in the same box as your Betamax . Sony won the format battle but lost the tech war.


Duke, your comments make me laugh. Oil selling below $70 is a good thing, unless your trading oil on the market. Even a clown knows that higher oil prices lead to higher costs for everything else, thus low oil is good for the consumer…perhaps you need to clue into that. Big whoop the Canadian dollar is at 0.80cents…i saw it sit in the 60 cent range years ago, and now at 0.80 cents, on no it’s the end of the world. As for stock prices…darn it…i’ve never seen stocks hover at these levels before, i mean the early 2000’s must have just been wiped from history right, the market’s weren’t getting hammered then either right?? The problem with you is, you wanna act all cool and shit here, but it backfires in your face. As for the firesales…yup, the economy is going to kill apple, microsoft, Onkyo, Yamaha, HP, Toshiba, Dell, and the list goes on…because according to you, no one is going to be buying anything right?? Damn it, Mexico and Hawaii better close up shop, no one is gonna bother vacationing there either.


Oh wake up man, DRM is pretty much a part of everything from Computer software to apple’s ipods, to dvd’s. Don’t come on here acting like Blu-Ray is the first to use DRM. Besides the only people who ever bitch about DRM are the same fools that love to pirate whatever material they can get their hands on. It’s funny though, any time an article about Blu-Ray or DRM gets posted, you come running in like a fly goes to a piece of crap.


I have to agree with Duke here. He actually isn’t bashing BluRay at all but rather informing a nice article. BD isn’t going to die anytime soon it is here to stay. Downloads even those that claim to be hidef aren’t so there is no battle there but for the price and with the internets capping the max limit allot of users are thinking differently. I am buying BD now but it isn’t a whole lot but when they are at a good price which my sweet spots are around 20-25 which is truely fair I feel being new and all. True 1080p will be bluray at best and I think even Duke can say that is true.


"DRM is pretty much a part of everything from Computer software to apple’s ipods, to dvd’s. Don’t come on here acting like Blu-Ray is the first to use DRM"
Not music people won that battle - by boycotting the labels. Movies next. I am sick and tired of having to spend extra money to REGAIN my Fair Use Rights. If you like getting shafted- that’s your business- Sony loves you!!!


I think it would be in sony’s best interest to continute dropping prices ASAP. They’re the ones getting royalties on every disc sold. If they leave it at high price points, and it becomes something like laserdisc, they’re going to lose out on all that royalty revenue. They should really drop prices and push the format, because I think it would be around a while, as they’res no immediate need to replace 1080p, thus no immediate need to replace bluray. Which means they’re would be alot of future years to collect royalties. Look how long Philips has been collection CD royalties. Of course sony wants to drop prices and them moving :slight_smile:


Like i said earlier, stores have stock of tons of different products, Future Shop and Best Buy better just close down because no one is ever gonna buy anything again. Don’t be so naive man, not every one is an idiot when it comes to handling their money, there are still millions of people out there in North America who still earn good wages and know how to budget. Just because a few idiots keep spending when they know they don’t have money, don’t make it out to be the entire rest of society being that way.


The fact it’s an Insignia brand (and that’s one someone won’t find tons of truly informed reviews on from a 3rd-party website not affiliated to Best Buy) would make me leery. The average consumer might bite on a Blu-ray player if it’s a Samsung or one that could at least have multiple reviews found easily at hand (unlike Insignia). That said, an informed consumer might jump for the player but not for the disks with their copy protection + high cost (given HD-DVD was the better format in terms of being something that could have been mass produced with existing DVD technology, unlike the extra steps and retooling needed for Blu-ray). Just knowing that Sony could have indeed paid off the studios to the tune of $500 million to solely adopt Blu-ray (rumored and likely, but not proven)…well, if more consumers would inform themselves on that + the onerous copy protection and the true overkill that Blu-ray is, those factors would kill it as a format if those factors all became reality among the majority. The whole format started from a flawed premise (assuming that everyone would die to have tons of extras, graphics AND need all that extra storage for same) to say nothing of having to go to all the extra and unneeded expense to make it (compared to standard DVD or HD-DVD). It would be ironic indeed to see the format bite the dust–no slamming Sony–but just because the things that start flawed usually end flawed…and gone.


@ RustyNail

Like DRM do ya? Well this Blu-Ray Player is for you take it and stop spreading the virus cause everyone is sick of it. Your the crap that is stuck on DRM that we all can’t stand, you need your head examined LMAO idiot.


But we’re not talking about other stock. We’re talking about Blu-ray right now. Please try to keep up.

I know that millions of people have money and I’m sure that many of them know how to budget. What Crabby and I (and others) are saying is that Blu-ray is a luxury item. In poor economic times (such as we’re in now), the majority of people cut back on things that aren’t necessities. Food, clothing, and shelter are necessities. Scarface on Blu-ray is a luxury item that doesn’t fill your belly or keep the snow off your head. If you have money for Blu-ray, good for you. I also have money for Blu-ray, but the financial security of my family comes first.

Have you been reading the papers every day like I do? Every fifth story is about massive layoffs (auto sector, Wall Street, etc). Those people will have a tough Christmas and Blu-ray is not on their wish list.