Best Buy FujiFilm 100pack (made in Japan=TY) for $39.99 with instant rebate



Yup! That’s right!!! I bought myself a couple of them!!!


Is that 4x or 8x?




just make sure when you buy these that they say “made in japan” = ty t02.


These are only for the +R though, right?


as far as i know +r only. not to mention my bestbuy didn’t have any -r 100 pc cake boxes anyway.


Are you saying you found fuji 100 cake MIJ +s on the shelves? On the website it says no store availability.


Yes, I bought a 100 pack last week, and they are still in this weeks flyer. 8x, TY TO2’s, made in Japan for $39.99. Can’t be beat! :iagree:


all depends on what your local best buy is stocking…says 4X on, but at the store i picked up 100pk 8X +R…only way to know what you can get (and you can always try and dupe the sales ppl) is to go to the store.


I wonder why they have that sale for +R media only, and not for

I was lucky, all the ones in my local Best Buy were made in Japan=TY’s


swifty7 > I think your store must have got my stores order. All my BB has are MIT in 100 packs.


I’ll go today to my local BB and make them send their stock back to your local BB. How’s that?


Please lol I don’t know why and have never asked them no MIJ Fuji 100 packs. They have 25’s and 50 packs of MIJ.


I wonder if Taiyo Yuden is aware of all this adulation for their media!!!


My BB had 2 100 packs left. I picked up one. I may go back and get the other one today…


Given all the companies they supply media for, I’d imagine they are aware, otherwise there wouldn’t be such demand for their discs.


You and me both. That and it only has a handful of MIJ Fuji 50 packs. I always go with -R since my burner is old and that is all that it supports (not to mention my videogame consoles prefer -R). They still want $40 for the 8x 50 packs of Fujis. That is rediculous since I can get the actual 8x TY discs shipped straight to my door from for $30 in a 50 pack.


what can I say…I must be lucky!!! I’ll probably go buy some more today!!!


kudos for TY for keeping quality control, considering the price drops!!! I hope they can keep it up cuz the second they start cutting corners by providing crap media will be the time for us to look for greener pastures.


I did and I burn them at 16x on my NEC. :bigsmile: