Best Buy Fuji Deals 10/17-10/23

50 pack DVD+R $24.99 after $5 mail in rebate.
50 pack CD-R $7.99 after $6 mail in rebate.

Good chance these are TY discs.
Make sure to look for “Made in Japan.”

They are indeed TY discs- the same ones that were on sale a couple of weeks ago.While online at the Bestbuy site today, I noticed the AO8 Pioneer XL($149) with a $30 mir.

So it’s the Fuji that are 2.4x +? What’s the media code on them? I got to burn faster then 2.4x.

As flash44 mentioned, this is the same deal 3 weeks ago, here. Not all bestbuy carries fuji in TY cakebox, just make sure it’s made in japan.

I went to bb today and grabbed a spindle of fuji ty cdrs.

Ok I just stumbled on that thread, thanks.

Picked up a spindle of 50 Fuji’s today, Tuesday, October 19.
DVDInfoPro identifies them as Yuden000T02, the cakebox was marked Japan.
What a bunch of arses at Best Buy, price signs confusing as hell, had 4x’s mixed in with the 8x’s, Japans mixed with Taiwan. After much confusion thinking the 29.99 was for 4x’s, I just picked a pack with the 8X’s (Japan) and went and got a price check, told me 29.99 with a 5.00 mail in rebate to Fuji in Arizona.
Looks like they’re charging the same price for 8x as the 4X.
With tax (8.75%) and rebate, comes to a little over 62 cents each. Really nice price for TY’s at 8X speed. I was averaging about 72 cents each, plus shipping, buying 4x TY’s at

Might have to venture over to my local BB and see if they have any 8X Fuji’s made in Japan.

Mine had some but they were all made in Taiwan.

Well after my venture to BB…they had butt loads of made in japan…only bought 1 pack of 50 for $31.97 with tax. I have 200+ disks now don’t really need anymore for awhile.

Forgot to mention…plus i got the $5 rebate

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Were they the 4x or 8x?
Did you check if they were TY’s?

8X and yes they a TY02’s

rolling 56,
Good for you, nice deal we got, let’s just hope they come through with the rebate.
I hate rebates, more often then not they don’t send it and I have to go after them with the copies I always save, it’s a scam I say. Most people can’t be bothered, but it’s principal with me, I hate getting ripped off.

i usually buy stuff that has rebates…they are banking you won’t send it in. i have got burnt on 1 rebate though out of lets say 25 or so. But like you i keep copys also. They had so many cb’s of made in japan…makes me think no-one around me here knows anything about media lol Thanks for the tip on the price check !

I think the majority of people know little about media, they usually buy what’s cheap or popular in the box stores, such as Memorex.
I saw some Sony’s on the same shelf that were going for about 48.00 for a cake of 50.00, I’d bought a few Sony’s and I always got the Richo media which is decent media.
Just because it says Sony, doesn’t mean you will always get the Richo manufactured dye. I usually bought them in emergency situations when I was out of the Taiyo and was awaiting delivery. This was a great buy, instant gratification and no shipping charges. Enjoy your purchase and happy burning.

Seems EVERY time I go to the West Hollywood Best Buy, they never have the Made In Japan ones. Ugh.

Sorry to dig up old thread but did anyone get the rebate back? I did :bigsmile:

me too