Best Buy Fuji 2.4x DVD+R DL

Fuji 15-Pack 2.4x DVD+R DL Double-Layer Disc Spindle

Model: 25302844

Anyone have a disc info snap shot on these.

I don’t have a “disc info snap shot”, but everything I’ve heard suggests the Fuji 15pks are RITEK!!! :a Return them and wait for Verbatims to go on sale. If you can’t wait, get these.

Bulpaq -CMC DL media are ok too. Obviously not as good as verb media but i get 90-93% results.

E-net media? You sir are nuts. No way in hell would I do D/L CMC rejects. Don’t be surprised to see some strong quality variation between batches.

lol, hmm you’re probably right, but out of 2 ten packs from SPV all of them have played back without any problems.

maybe from the same batch, but hey you are paying 10 quid less next to a ten pack of verbs. Ive bought a 25 pack of printable verb MKM 001’s and they are giving me 93% scores. If you are low on cash are willing to take a gamble, then go for these. I burnt these two discs in january and feb.