Best Buy: Fuji 100pk DVD-+R for $50




Best Buy has 100pk Fuji DVD+R and DVD-R for $49.99 this week
($99.99 - 40 instant rebate - 10 mail in rebate).
I believe these are 4x from the picture. It’s hard to tell.

Does anyone know whether the DVD-R are Prodisc or Taiyo-Yuden?
I want the Taiyo-Yuden. If it says Made in Japan are they TY?

They also have Verbatim 50pk DVD+R for $30.



that is what is said. if they say japan they are TY.


I went to Fry’s over the weekend. I did not see any 100pk Fuji DVD-R were made in Japan. Some 100pk Fuji DVD+R were made in Japan (new stock), but some were made in Taiwan. Read the label before buying. It was $89 plus tax, but Fry’s does do price match.

It seems Fuji is switching back to TY.


Why bother taking the gamble when you can get bona-fide Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs from in 50 packs for $35+shipping or in 100 packs for $69+shipping. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but the last 3 rebates that I have had from products (including Fujifilm discs) from best buy, were not honored and I followed the instructions on them, right down to the letter.


i am not 100 percent sure about this so dont hold me accountable but i think that the fuji +r’s made in taiwan are ricoh’s


A week ago i bought a fuji DVD+R 8x 25 pak from them just to test my Pioneer A07XL.
Disc Identifier identified it as a Taiyo Yuden 8x (TY02). Not bad for 15 dollar after rebate. It also worked great with my old sony dvd player.

Then today i went back to fry’s, to buy DVD-R 8x 50 pak from fuji. I tought it’s also from Taiyo Yuden, and with a 10 dollar rebates, who could resist? My Fujitsu laptop couldnt read DVD+R.

I went home, check it with disc identifier:
Disc Type: DVD-R
Manufacturer ID: FUJIFILM03
Manufacturer name: Fuji Film

Anyone ever use this DVD? Is it a good one or a coaster? Should i return it or keep it?

Btw, the DVD+R was made in japan, and the DVD-R was made in taiwan.

thanks for any reply.


For those of you expecting to get rebates from Fuji, you can pretty well forget about them. They are absolutely the world’s worst on honoring rebates. And I do a lot of rebates. :Z :Z :Z


The picture of the cakebox for this 100pk fuji from bestbuy doesn’t look like TY’s… my guess is that most of the Fuji TY’s are 8x, and these 4x could really be ricoh r01, which you can get elsewhere for cheaper.


No arguments there, they screwed me out of my rebate money on the last two batches of CD-R that I purchased (that had mail-in rebates).