Best Buy embraces vinyl

I just posted the article Best Buy embraces vinyl.

Forget about compact discs. Best Buy is clearing out shelf space for vinyl at its retail stores.

The New York Post reports that all of Best Buy’s 1,020 stores will dedicate eight square feet of…

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The last thing I’d want to do is go back to vinyl with all it’s clicks and pops plus groove distortion… Pay $2000 for a moderate LP player where a $200 CD player will do the same thing…

But people aren’t buying $2000 LP players, they’re buying $100 POS USB turntables and then ripping the discs to their iPods anyways.

I’m going to get a record player installed in my car! Out with the old and in with the new… :stuck_out_tongue:

When do the hybrid Blu-ray/vinyl disks start coming out?

2000$ for a moderate player??? When did the SL-1200MK2 get that expensive? I’d hate to live wherever you live dude.

i love my LP player, though i don’t think i’d ever buy vinyl from best buy. gotta support the local record shops!

things must be going very badly for Best Buy if they are moving back to vinyl!

I love the vinly ones. I have hundreds and some of them are classics…I am so tee hee that I have them…My friend has a lot of 20-30040’s that are classics…time to get them out…

Maybe this trend will show us that perfection is not all it is perceived to be…just a thought…on this side of our lives we get perfection in sound, in voice, in vision, in depth, etc. Then comes the real world with all its imperfections and we have such difficulty navigating. We are becoming spoiled…and that spells trouble

8 square feet is less than 3’x3’

Obviously, none of you have had any experience with vinyl. So you would never know that digital still cannot produce the quality and depth that you get from vinyl.

My best sound system is a Pioneer SX1250 analog receiver and a BIC1000 turntable. And I can assure you that the sound will destroy digital.

I also rip all CDs to .wav files and never poor quality mp3’s. But I guess if anyone thinks that an mp3 is as good of quality as a .wav or .flac file, they would never know the difference between vinyl and digital cd’s.

From now on if I can get vinyl, I will not buy cd’s. A high quality rip from vinyl cannot be matched by a cd.

hi to all … my vinyl… collection just jumped up in value…thanks to all your talk …vinyl has the same problems as cd [DUST+DIRTY HANDS ] are the main culprit…think of those beautiful covers you admired not so long ago …old dude…

Yes, I failed to mention that the artwork on album covers and inside on most put all CD artwork to shame. Some of the artwork such as Ozzy Osbournes first solo albums or his double live album will never be seen by CD loving people.

Many of these pieces of artwork AND history are well worth the cost of the vinyl disc.

I was and still am a rocker and have most of the big name group albums from the 70’s and 80’s and the artwork is fantastic. Unfortunately many people now will never get to see these if they bought the CD versions of these origionals.

Some examples are Rush- All The Worlds Astage or Aerosmiths - Double Live Bootleg or how about all the origional Led Zepplin Album artwork just to name a few of many.

Yes - vinyl is very much warmer with a better “soundstage” and position-in-space (I follow classical music). However three things work against vinyl:-

  1. the pops and clicks that emerge after more than 20 playings (I worked in arid areas with little humidity and the dust swarmed to the vinyl evcerytime I cleaned it with any sort of preparation or antistatc product . I would then, despite all my efforts, hear the “pops” coming in on the quiet passages.
  2. the appalling quality of vinyl used in the pressing process - some LPs seemed seemed to have appalling playing surfaces on the first playing
  3. some of the compression techniques that were used to fit the sonic information (no more than 45mins) into the physical limitations of the LP grooves - especially to overcome the “inner-groove distortion” of LPs.Awful sound - and it would be so with todays expectations of 60 mins of material.
    Yes - I prefer the sound of vinyl - but only for the first few playings - after that I retreat to the antiseptic dryness of the CD. and twaek the dials.

hi to all…the only software to get a real …experiance of conversion to cd…is [ DC7 ] ITS EXPENSIVE …BUT it does the job better than the rest it"s a laboratory of tweeks to get the best out of your vinyls…enjoy… .

ALSO…NOTE …the oldies of this world have big bank accounts …they purchase the best of vinyl .[…so take notice .].and they don:t wear hearing aids they enjoy quality and life…i bet you if you were looking for a rare vinyl …on old dude would have it…:cool::stuck_out_tongue:

Just a note on conversion and software for vinyl.
I knew about the deterioration of vinyl after playing many times so I searched for a long time for conversion software.
The best program that I have found to date is a little program called RIP Vinyl by Wieser software. This little gem can only be purchased online. I bought this program about 5 years ago and the conversion is great. Not only can you convert vinyl but also 8 track tapes, cassettes, or any other audio that can be input into a computer.

I rip vinyl to .wav files which does make a huge file but retains all the quality of the vinyl audio.

You can compare the quality loss after multiple playings of vinyl to making copies of .mp3’s except .mp3 quality deteriorates much faster each time it is copied since it is a very lossy format. This is why if you want quality, never buy music online in .mp3 format. Always buy CD’s and rip in .wav format. .wav files can be copied 10,000 times and never lose any quality whatsoever.

hi to all …i agree that [ RIP - VINYL ]…IS BLOODY GOOD SOFTWARE if you know someone in the UK…you can get a floppy sent to them…then post it to you at your address ???..

Just connected an old good quality turntable to my system. Amazing quality difference from my hundreds of cds. Can only describe the sound as having depth compared to cds which sound flat. I will be expanding my vinyl collection & don’t intend to buy any more cds. The pops and crackles are not part of the music, don’t affect the quality I’m hearing and seem to only be on abused albums. Love the sound of my vinyl.