BEST BUY deal: 100 40x Phillips for free.......after $20 MIR

the question i have is…are these cds good? i dunno much about phillips, i saw the label, they’re made in taiwan, are they reliable?

If so, ima pick one up shoot, i want 100cdrs for free, dont you?

probably CMC Magnetics = crap discs.

But free is free…

:frowning: Why is there no such deals here? Only US that have such deals it seems… :frowning:

Yes, they are made by CMC Magnetics, so as some (not all) of the Memorex and TDK 40X CD-Rs.

They are not as good as Taiyo Yuden discs for sure. Earlier I did some CD-R tests using the Lite-On’s wses program, only TY discs showed consistently low C1/C2 errors. Both CMC and Lead Data discs were pretty bad. No wonder I’ve never seen any TY discs for free after rebate.

I bought a couple of times Philips CD-R80 16x (burn up to 32x)
Even that they are made by cmc magnetics i never had problems.

My Philips 16x were like :

Manufacturer code: 97 31 07 - Ritek Co. (Type: 7)
Disc subtype: Medium Type A, low Beta category (A-)

Not bad, huh ?

staples has almost the same deal now. $20 rebate but the 100 pack costs 30 bucks.

i got some good deals on TYs, i bought 2 of spindles, both for 15$ and with a 10$ MIR. hehehehhe

But i’m always on the lookout for more cheaper cdrs.

I bought these knowing that they were probably going to be made by CMC, and I was right, so says SmartBurn. But for about $2 dollars total (tax plus 2 stamps) they make great cd’s for friends and relatives. :stuck_out_tongue:

I burned one at 40X, Nero CD Speed’s scandisk reported about 2% damage with 0% unreable.

I burned one at 48X, 5% damaged and .5% unreadable.

Just burn 'em at 40X and they should be fine for handouts. If it’s something they think is real important and can’t live without, they should be making a backup anyway.