Best Buy Clearance: 50pk Dynex 8x dvd+r, $7.99

Greetings friends-

Just picked up 2 spindles today @ BB in Green Bay, WI. Media code is Ritek R03; provided acceptable scans on my Liteon 811s. Earlier in the week they had Memorex 100pk 8x +r for $29.99. Might be worth a drive to see what your local store has to offer. At $.16 per disc, I may just have to make a return trip before they’re all gone! :cool:

Same deal here… These guys are okay, here’s one burned at 12x.

A quality score of 97 is OK? What score should they be before they’re considered good or excellent?

Just got home from bestbuy and no clearance tag on Dynex 50pack. I asked one of the rep to scan the price and it rang 34.99. :frowning: Oh well, I can keep my blanks diet. :o

How was the scan on your 811s like? The (Memorex branded) RITEKR03 discs on my 811s (HS0R) @ 8x came up with pretty bad scans, nowhere near what most others are getting on their drives. The PI and PIF levels shot way up during the 4x stage or session of the burning and then hovers around the 100’s through the middle and then goes up again towards the end. Unfortunately I didn’t get the scan saved, but I think the results was like an average of around 120 PI and average of 0.2 PIF (or was it 1.2?). I ended up returning them for (Memorex branded again) Moser Baer MBIPG101R04 discs and the results were even worst (Ave. 587.90 PI, Ave. 4.84).

Anyone know what’s up with these new 8x discs with the 811s drives? They all seem to burn horrible while good on other drives, and is LiteOn no longer supporting firmware updates to add in new writing strategies for this drive?

I got a spindle for $8. here’s a scan. Not bad might have get another spindle.

Am I not interpreting the CD Speed’s Disc Quality Test correctly? Both users show a quality score of 97 and one mentioned that the media is okay while the other “not bad…”. I thought that any over 90 is a good score.

Well it’s pretty good to excellent when you look at the PIFs and that is what counts the most, but my PIEs are rather high and numerous, it just makes you wonder a bit. Agent009s would be called a very good to excellent overall scan by me and is on par with scans of TY02s which many people have a high regard for.

whoa, that is worst than my Infome DVD+R i’ve bought from Compusa for $20/100pk.

How was the scan on your 811s like?

Actually, I take it back. They were pretty horrible. At least compared to the scans of the other folks listed in this thread! (PI > 800, PO > 100, though maybe it was my scan settings? I don’t know, didn’t save them). Luckily I have 2 Pioneer DVD players that will play anything. I don’t think my scans are necessarily reflective of the quality of the discs (no pun intended).

I did a surface scan, which showed no bad sectors. I also do a quick test using DVD Shrink to see if my discs will play under “real world” conditions- I just analyze the DVD I just made, and if it gets all the way through, it should work in my players. With this burner (Liteon 811s), I’ve given up the quest for pretty scans. 'Tho maybe it’s time for a Benq 1620 for some “peace of mind” :smiley: .