Best Buy caught denying price-matches

I just posted the article Best Buy caught denying price-matches.

A little detective work by the website HD Guru turned up three Best Buy stores whose rules on price-matching allegedly contradicted company policy.

The “HD Guru” visited three…

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But but Best Buy does no wrong. God the crap I had to put up with at Best Buy is enough to write a book. This is just insult to injury.

Best Buy has CRAP written all over it. They should be sued for false advertising because in fact they are NOT the best buy.

@shaolin007 Totally agree with you…I also, can write a book of my bad experiences with best buy as well.

I too couldn’t get them to price match a Panasonic TV but the other store was only 1 mile away. BB wanted 1899.99 and where I got it at costco was 989.99 they were indeed the exact same models.

I was not able to get Best Buy to match the price for a wireless media extender. They claimed NCIX was not a brick and mortar store (false) and that the price to match was below their staff pricing (who cares?). I got it for the staff price, cost me an extra $20.00 bucks, but saved me a 1 hour drive. Now there is a local NCIX and I have not been back to Best Buy since.

Dr. Who - Costco is not quite the same as you pay a membership fee. I have not gotten anyone to match Costco.

To all you of you here I work for Loblaws and I am an electronics dept manager and we do not price match anymore because customers would walk in with flyers and we would call Best Buy up for confirmation and they would lie to us all the time so now we do not price match . And they have actually not price matched some of our items ( Digital Cameras) because the savings was too big customer was upset at BB and bought it from us…

Best Junk is more of a name I would call it. All they hire is morons who do not have a damn clue about anything!!! You can get better customer service from The Real Canadian Superstore that is mainly a food store, all Big centers have an Electronics dept.

Ahh feel the Bestbuy love!! :clap: Thankfully, I have a HH Greg in town. They price match and do 10% beyond that. I bought a TV from there and Bestbuy was selling it for $100 less. Well, went to HH Greg and showed them the internet printout and whalah, pricematch!! Painless, quick, no moaning about this that and the other… Also, I would like to add, walking into HH Greg, the sales associates were very helpful and informative. They didn’t hang their head down low just to avoid eye contact so they can act like they didn’t see you so they wouldn’t have to help you. Bestbuy gets my proverbial middle finger instead of a thumbs up or down.

A similiar situation happed to me at Sears essentials before thanks giving. I tried to get them to price match Circuit City for a Wii game. It was on sale for $20 normally $24.99. Anyhow they told me that they don’t price match Circuit City because they were going out of business. This was before they started liquidating. It conflicted with what their policy stated. I was told this info came straight from corporate. I called customer service requesting a call back. 3 weeks later I got a call back asking if the situation had been resolved. I told them it has not. The store manager, nor corporate manager ever did call back. Just another reason I don’t shop there.

There used to be a site…( that used to be a goldmine for potential shoppers. Apparently they sold out to BestBuy and it no more. There were some horror stories on that site!

I guess I’ve been fortunate, I’ve only had some minor problems with BB.

From this point on, I’m not defending BB, I’m just stating that they’ve done me right in the past.

At one point I returned a dvd burner that was 7 months old, but I did still have the reciept, and because I was very popular at that location, the assistant manager let me return it for a newer model of the same brand burner. This was in early 2005, I guess, since then, they’ve suddenly become jerks.

And recently, I was promised they would price match some Verbatim’s when they arrived, 2 days after the sale, but gave me the wrong info, but the assistant manager (different location, different assistant manager), looked into it & decided to just give me the price match, even thou he didn’t have to.

There’s a few other good stories I have, but they’re not as significant & they may make look like a BB sympathizer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get free membership as my wife works for them so no membership yearly fee for me.

It looks like you can’t make sweeping statements about Best Buy saying what “they” do or have done. It looks like it is up to the individual store managers to price match or follow any other policy that might hinder their profit margin.

now that circuit city is gone bestbuy can go back to being A-holes to the customer again, and charge way to much, yay!

One other comment I would like to make. If Best Buy will not honor a price-match…tell them to their face that you are just going to the competitor to buy the product anyways and save $$$. Since $$$ is all BB sees, maybe they will pay attention when they start losing sales on their overpriced stuff.

Also…@bill…ummm in my experience, BB has ALWAYS been horrible with customers. I’ve had bad experiences like 2-4 years ago…WAY Long before CC closed.

I’m not surprised by this. I’ve never had a really good experience at Best Buy, and have actually stopped shopping there. Unfortunately, with the demise of Circuit City, there really are no other options other than Walmart, Kmart, Sears, etc., and a few extremely overpriced high-end electronics stores. Nothing national, though.

There’s no such thing as customer service in Canada. Its disgraceful what passes for customer service at Candian Tire, Sears, Future Shop, Best Buy and most Canadian stores. A big problem is they hire young people who are clueless about customer service and don’t train them. Getting help can be like pulling teeth. Its as if the corporations dont give a s**t.
There are exceptions but I find we are way behind the US as far as the aspect of courteous polite service, specially in Quebec. Its like its not even taught during training.
Walk into a Target in the US an you are hounded, press one of those service buttons and they keep announcing over the PA that no one has served you yet, every 15 seconds, until someone runs over and serves you. THAT is service.
That my 2 cents

I feel that Best Buy is going to come under a lot of scrutiny now that they’re the last nationwide CE retailer. Being on top has its pitfalls.

I have been keeping up with multiple websites on this and Office Depot’s poor excuse of customer relations. For me, I haven’t had much problems in getting discounts, but maybe it’s because I shop in Los Angeles. A year or two ago, someone posted info on how to get additional discounts on purchases at most retail chains, which worked successfully (I got two LCDs at that time). I recently went to Office Depot to get a price-match done on a 500gb WD, which prompted the salesperson to verify with Costco as to the discounts, SKU/model #. He mentioned that each store is capable of matching prices, as well as ordering stock to be delivered if the product is not available at the store. The most likely reason a store would be out of stock is if there is a crazy special that week, but usually, neighboring stores will likely to have it. Only in rare cases, such as rain checks, are certain products/special not available.

With the economy slowing down, companies are doing their best to stay profitable. Price-matching, returns, and exchanges are all calculated into the scheme of daily operation (somewhere along the lines of 1-8% of total gross sales). If stores are worried about commissions or profit sharing, the more products sold would help the company. Items just sitting in warehouses are depreciating daily, so the fast they are sold, the better for the company. Discounts from price-matching are usually taken care of by corporate, and shouldn’t affect the individual stores total sales.

Aftermarket service and warranties are big business, but not worth it (unless it’s for a car or similar high-priced product). If a product, if properly used, is going to break, it’ll break within the first month to first year. That is why good high-end gaming pc manufacturers offer limited warranties to consumers for free. Most products will exceed the life of an extended warranty, which the money spent on the warranty could’ve been put into a money market to gain interest.

We all are doing our best to survive in the slump of the world economy. Just know that each person you encounter are doing the same, but to remind one another to keep a strong ethical approach. The ones who are at fault at Best Buy and Office Depot are doing things to survive, even though they know it’s wrong. I’m sure that Best Buy and Office Depot will announce changes to business operations for the benefit of consumer relations. If they don’t, they’ll suffer the fate of Circuit City.


“The ones who are at fault at Best Buy and Office Depot are doing things to survive, even though they know it’s wrong.”

I look at it like this, you want to make a sell or not? If not price matching means the consumer going somewhere else to buy the product they want, then you don’t make zilch. Better to price match and make something than opposed to make nothing, simple logic. And another thing, if you do make the sell, at least you are moving your inventory and it isn’t sitting in your warehouse doing nothing for you.

The last time I was in a Best Buy was for Black Friday sales a few years ago. They decided to throw in a bunch of restrictions on item quantities at the last minute that really ticked me off. The next BF I went to Staples instead and found a lot better deals on PC stuff. Now I skip BF as rebates aren’t worth the hassle. I use Newegg and MWave for most things and occacionally stop in at Micro Center.