Best Buy CANADA: Vakoss 8X DVD+/-R 100pk $10 + free ship



The deal speaks for itself…

Videohelp reports the DVD-R being a mix for PRODISCF01 and OPTODISCR008 and the DVD+R being a mix of PRODISCR03 and OPTODISCOR8.

Not bad!!

edit forgot to say, deal ends at 11AM EST, so get cracking!


Great deal, wish I could get deals like that from Worst Buy in the U.S.


Think about it, do you really want to buy Optodisc media or even Prodisc. Except for the Prodisc made Verbs, I have yet to see a Prodisc or an Optodisc worth buying. Media is cheap enough here in the USA, I mean 100 Sony Taiyo Yuden for less than 30.00USD (2X50 packs) Do you really want 100 discs of questionable quality media. I don’t for any price.