Best buy? asus infinity tf700t or windows surface rt

Hi gang i had a Asus t101 tablet but i dropped it and messed up the charge socket on the key board part of it, it also seems to have a problem with the cut off button on the screen part and it sometimes starts and starts over and over i have no idea how much it might cost to fix sow i am thinking about getting something new so i am looking at the Asus TF700T or the surface RT. i basically use the tablet for quick searches ,directions and a lot of small games and i use the SD ports for movies that i can play since i don’t have to convert them to watch on my large screen tv which do you think would give me the best bang for my buck thanks for any advice. on this tablet or any other like the nevus 10 I saw the Asus on newegg for 403.00 it included the keyboard so the price was right but i saw where some others think the nexus is better and for about 50.00 more i could get it and a keyboard also so please tell me what you think