Best Buy April 8th



Just got the paper so I will add these quick if anyone is interested…

Sony 50 packs DVD-+R on sale $12.99

Verbatim DVD+R DL 15-pack $27.99 (ouch)

PNY Attache 2GB Flash drive $29.99 ---- K-Mart has them for $24.99


“Meh” - on the DVD+R DL sale price. You can still get them cheaper, 10 for $15, regularly priced at Office Max.

I might pick one up though. 15 packs I’ve seen at BB have all been MKM 003. It’d be nice to test out the 10x double layer burning capability of my Pioneer 112L.


I am going to PM them to K-Mart, they still have the 50 packs of Yuden000-T02-000 Sony Tys 8x+.:iagree:


I am going to PM the Sony ± 16x’s at Walmart I need some for testing.


Some members have reported that K-Mart will not PM, I hope I am wrong because my local K-Mart is loaded with 8x+ TY made Sony-50 packs.


So is mine, they are loaded the Fuji Taiyo Yuden CDs, and SonyYudenT02 DVDs. I really hope they pricematch, I have no idea. :wink:


BTW, CompUSA will also have the Sony 50-packs on sale for $12.99.


The Sone one (DVD disc) is the only goodie.


To be fair though, the ones from Officemax are the 2.4x official rated media and the ones at Best Buy are 8x official (with overspeed to 10x on some models). That being said most late model burners will burn the 2.4x discs at up to 8x, so you are correct that they aren’t practical for most.


If K-mart does not Pm
use the swap method :wink:


Do you mean getting 8X TY from K-Mart and getting 16X Sony from BB then return the 16X Sony to K-Mart . Cheating :a

But a very good idea :bigsmile:


Although the ones at OfficeMax are “officially” rated at 2.4x, they are also officially supported at up to 8x. Most of the boxes clearly state that they will burn at 6x or 8x, so Verbatim is in fact negating the official speed.


And this works because the UPC on both the 8x and 16x disks is exactly the same for Sony media. As far as the computer systems are concerned, the 8x and 16x disks are the same. Note that this only applies within a particular type of media, meaning +R or -R. The +R UPC is different from the -R UPC, so you can’t do a cross-exchange.


The problem is that some of the burners i have will only burn the MKM001’s at 2.4 speed. It’s set in the f/w. So MKM001’s are no good to me. One drive in particular is my Samsung S183L. MCSE will not work for that drive.


Yeah , I know about smilar Sony UPC for 8X and 16X media :slight_smile:

As for the Verbatim 8X DL MKM003 , I will tell a friend to get me a spindle or two but I am really concerned about its quality compared to MKM001 . has 20 DL MKM001 for 35$ so I guess 28$ for 15 MKM003 is pretty good (although DL media is still overpriced)


Called the local Kmart outside of Boston and they don’t PM.


Yeah it’s pretty much a crapshoot. My BenQ DW1650 burns MKM 001 only at 2.4x max. Lite-On 160P6S goes to 4x. LG GSA-H22N goes to 6x. Pioneer DVR-111L and 112L both go up to 8x.


For BenQ drives, I believe you should be able to increase the burning speed in some media by using BenQ QSuite tools.


Yes you are correct and by using MCSE.


Tell me any recent burner other than a Pioneer that will burn MKM 001 at 8x. My LG H22N was the only burner I can recall that would burn over 4x.

So as far as I know, there’s only recent Pioneers and one other model that can burn MKM001 > 4x. That hardly encompasses “most late model burners” having support up to 8x.