Best Buy April 24-30 Sony, Fuji DVD's

Sony 8x 50 Pack DVD±R $22.99

Fujifilm 10 Pack DVD±R in Jewel Cases $12.99 " Buy 1 get 1 free"

Beware of Sony 8x +R TY cause they suck!!! :Z

I have never seen any MIJ at Best Buy but only Compusa, YMMV.

My Sony T02 gives BETTER performance than the last two 25pack Fuji T02.

PS: no Fuji 50pack/25pack sale?

No Fuji this week in Cake packs :frowning:

I may get some of the Jewel case packs just to try them…

Have used the Sony 8x DVD-R (SONY08D1) quite a bit with my NEC3500 and have had absolutely no problem.

FYI…my Sony 8X DVD+R MIJ YUDEN000 T02 are NOT as good as my FUJI 8X DVD+R YUDEN000 T02.

FYI…Best Buy’s website states that the 30% off all Verbatim media is good through 4/30/05 which means this week is included. print out the webpage(s) and even if it’s wrong you can put up an argument :wink:

Why do Sony TY T02 discs suck - care to elaborate?

if you’re addressing me…i didn’t say they suck, just that the quality is not as good as my FUJI branded TYT02. they don’t overspeed as well but burn just fine @ 8X.

How are the MIT Sony’s. The last time I was at my local BB that is all they had. I dont know about their MIJ Yuden’s, but if they are worse than the Fuji, I would STAY AWAY!!!

I have had pretty good luck with the Jewel Fuji Yuden’s.

they’re absolutely fine at their rated 8X speed, but don’t overspeed to 12/16X as well as the FUJIs:

sony 8x dvd+r @ 8x (yuden000t02)
burst (PIE)
sum1 (PIF)

I have so many sony TY and I tested each disc per spindle and they give awesome result, my last few spindles of fuji did not go great. And by the way, $23 per spindle of 50 is not a good deal, and $13 for 20 disc definately a bad deal

my mij sony (ty02) burn better (benq1620) then the mij fuji (ty02). plus my bb is the only store in my area that has mij sony left. everyone else is mit.

Damn, Ive been holding out for the Fuji 50 pack +Rs…Maybe next week…

Depends on batch (see hub code), has nothing to do with brand…

I post them and some scans in other post.

my Fujis and Sonys are the same batch code with much different scans…

btw, it’s 30% off ALL Sony blank media at Best Buy this week, not great prices, but not too bad:

I went to my BB and saw nothing but MIT Sony’s :frowning: . I think I’ll stop looking for MIJ Sony. I even went to a local CUSA to check their Sony supply and found nothing but MIT also. The only branded TY in my neck of the woods has been Fuji and TDK. I can’t wait till next week to see what goes on sale.
I feel so empty when there’s no TY on sale :sad:

heres a little trick for ya. i ordered some verbatums dvd+r dl 3pk for 17.?? after tax at bb.
went in to pick up + the stockers had made a mistake & put 10 pks where the 3 pks should be!! so it was a win ,win for me!! it wound up they gave me 2 pkgs for 35.00 a piece.but you have to check & see whats there first,then order them online!!good luck

they have 10pks of dual layer? haven’t seen those. also, isn’t the sale over? also, when you order online for in-store pickup, they already set aside your order and you don’t grab them yourself from the shelf (at least that’s how they do it at my best buy).