Best Buy Ad for 10/21 to 10/27

Verbatim DL media 20 disc for $29.99
Memorex 100 disc for $22.99 can be ricohjpn R03, look for no paper cover on top spindle and no spacers or thin see through spacer for Ricohjpn R03

Thanks gheto, nice price on Verb DL!

Thanks gheto for providing the Best Buy ads. Definitely need some more Verbatim DL media.

Finally. All of the ones at my local BB are MIS. :bigsmile: Now if only we could get the DL Sonys back on sale. :wink:

People never listen. I told folks to stock up on the Sonys, but every week, on every CD and DVD enthusiast board, someone is whining and crying about there being no sales on Verbie DLs. The MIS Sonys were a way better deal if you could find them. The next time, you better buy at least 50, prefereably 100, and then you can stop worrying about the next sale. :bigsmile:

That would work if there were more than 2 spindles of MIS Sonys the last time they were on sale (at least in my area). All of the others were MIT and we all know that even on sale those are a rip-off.

It’s actually a mediocre price, but people tend to take what they can get.

3 times I have struck out with those pdf’s from icmail

they are not made with adobe?

They’ve been bad NINE TIMES?! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how long it’ll last, but 20 packs of Verbatim DL are $28 at MicroCenter right now.

They’ve been that price off and on for at least 6 months.

has anyone ordered from MicroCenter recently? are they still selling MIS?

If you order online, there is no way of knowing whether what you get is MIS or MII. At Microcenter the MIS Verb DL (at least for 2.4x) is disappearing fast and is being hugely replaced by MII. The true 8x is still MIS, to the best of my knowledge, both at Microcenter and BB, but probably is going to be replaced by MII soon. Grab the MIS stuff before it’s gone.

By the way there is a two-disk pack of Sony 2.4x + DL at Walgreens, priced at $14 (!), some of it is MIS (Verb) and most MIT.


What is going to happen is that MKM 001 is most likely going to go all MII, and will only be safely burnable at 2.4x or 4x. The MKM 003 will remain MIS or a mixture of MIS and MII, and that will be burnable at 6x or 8x.

Also, here’s a tip. There are reports that if you find a 20-pack of Verbatim 2.4x DL media that has an “up to 8x” sticker on it, you may get MKM 003 disks instead of MKM 001. If the sticker says “up to 6x” then you’ll get MKM 001s as expected.

I don’t think so. The MKM001 in 2004 package is up to 4X/5X. In 2005 package is up to 8X. The 2006 package is back down to 6X. Just a marketing gimmick.

darn, now it is 2007, been over 3 yrs and no improvements on DL media at all, no faster writing speed before 8X rated. Not only that other DL makers are still struggle to make usable DL media. And the price is still relatively high for something that came out 3 yrs ago.

You missed the point. The difference in speeds I was pointing out would be attributable to the quality difference between MII and MIS media. I’m not talking about MIS vs. MIS but MIS vs. MII. It’s not about the official rating, but what we as CDFreaks would consider wise to do.

I personally don’t recommend trying to burn MII DL Verbs as fast as you might be able to burn MIS DL Verbs. Get it? For MII, stick with 2.4x. With MIS, you can do 4x or 6x easy.

Now, if you happen to think that the MII and MIS are exactly the same, then go right ahead and do whatever. If you think you can burn an MIS MKM 001 at 8x and an MII MKM 001 at 8x and get the same quality result consistently, I’ll be a happy camper.

If memory serves me correctly, part of the reason for that is the movie industry. They have wanted to keep the price up on them. Part of it is the manufacturing process. Someone around here posted the 2P process that MIS MKM uses and it sure doesn’t fit well into the mass production scheme. However it definitely remains the benchmark for quality DL media production. No one has found an alternate method that can deliver similar quality but with mass production.

We may end up skipping right over DL and going straight to BR and HD. In other words, SL will be around forever, but DL will drop off the map and get replaced. It’s ridiculous that we’re still paying so much for these disks, even when they’re on sale. In my book, $1.50 per disk is not a good deal.

So wait, that is two discs for $14? If so, then I wouldn’t care if it was the highest grade of professional recording DL media, as it is too expensive. If you were trying to make the point that Sony is now outsourcing SOME of their DL media to MKM in Singapore then yes, it has already been posted. The best deals by far are when the 25 packs of DL Sony go on sale at Best Buy. Find the MIS spindles and you get a great deal. As for the Microcenter deal, it is really only a deal if you can buy locally and your location happens to have the MIS spindles in stock. Buying online isn’t worth it as you have to factor in shipping costs and there is no guarantee that you won’t get MII Verbs.