Best Buy ad 4/23/06

Not to trump Ripits weekly posting but I have the Best Buy ad for
this week and Sony’s are on sale again for $14.95 a 50 spindle.

is it just me or does anyone else find it weird that 50 packs are going for $15 again.

the routine sale about 3 or 4 months ago was $12.99 then they went back up to $14.99.

did anyone else notice this or am I making it up? a $2 price difference isn’t a big deal, but it’s the trend that I’m worried about. It would be nice to see them come even further down in price, but the sale price “increase” seems to indicate that they’ve stabilized at least for the time being.

too bad, the neareast staples to my house has no more MIJ spindles, I bought every single mij spindles there last week. It would be great if they have some left because I can ask them for 10% PM and $3 ink cartdridge, I have a few empty ink cartdridges for redemption.

Maybe this is just a rare circumstance but I bought 3 spindles of the Sony 8X+ Accucore media and every other disc had dye spots on the disc. Very disturbing. It was batch 1158 and one spindle was from a different batch 1162, just my bad luck I guess.

Alan, is there a way to determine batch number without opening the spindles? I stocked up on Sony MIJ +R these past few weeks as well…

I was visiting Pa. recently (near Pittsburgh) and I bought a spindle of Sony 8x Accucore (1162) from Big Lots and it had some spotting around the outer edge about 5 out the first ten discs had this problem the rest are clean,this is the only spotting problem I had with Sony.I must be a true CD Freak now that I shop for media 375 miles from home :smiley:

I have checked 3 BB’s and 2 Staples (metro Detroit) all they have is MIT Sony 8x and some -r 16x MIJ (TYG03) :sad: if you have good eyes you can see the batch number(MIJ) on top disc you might have to jiggle the spindle a bit so the number can be seen.Yes I get a lot of strange looks from the employees and customers. :bigsmile:

Which Sony DVD+R are TY? Do I just look for MIJ? Thanks.

Lately, the thing to look for has been a white octagon shaped spacer.

8x only with MIJ and white octogon shaped spacer, not the 16x +R MIJ they are not so good.

Theres nothing wrong with an early heads up.
@reasonsnotrules, I’m guessing that the 12.99 price point was more of a try to get the last minute holiday and after chrismas sales. It seems they have setteled on 14.99 for brand name stuff for now.

hey rack:
any sony 8x (only 8x) +r’s mij are ty t02’s. now the newer sony 8x +r mij have the octagon spacer and have accucore logo on disc. still ty. there are diffs on the -r side, but i am not proficient on telling ty from -r. but follow the above rule for 8x +r sony’s and u can’t go wrong.