Best Buy 8/6/06 media

sunday best buy will have this media on sale


Verbatim 50pk DVD-R $15

Verbatim 50pk DVD+R $15


Fuji 100pk DVD-R $30

Fuji 100pk DVD+R $30

Flyer SKU: 25302100/25302200 are not found online, but these are the only Fuji 100pk DVD-R/DVD+R found.

Out of the above would u think would be the best to get cause there both $30 for 100 and im going to use my $30 off coupon to make it $21 each :slight_smile:

so the fujis or the verbs? and what give aways can i spot on the packs to know there good media like with the sonys and the octogon spacer cause i dont want to get stuck with crap media like last weeks sonys which 10 out of 50 didnt burn 3 of them wouldnt play and a ton of them wouldnt even burn in my lite on but did on my lg

Verbs hands down. Fuji are almost all Prodisc or Ritek made these days. I would trust MCC codes long before the others.


ok i will go for the verb’s i never had any problems with these in the past

Thanks for the info!

on the verb’s which is the best + or - i want to make sure i get the best b4 i buy them

I personally use + media since I bitset to DVD-Rom to ensure DVD player compatibilty, - media cannot change the booktype to DVDRom.

That’s if your DVD burner supports bitsetting.

bitset to dvd-rom? dose this help like dvd moives in dvd players? and i have a lite-on show 16x could this work for the bitset and is it hard to do?

The LiteOn bitsetting utility is located on this page. And it’s easy to do. I think you have to set it each time you turn on your system or change the type of disc you’re burning.

Can’t these Verbs from BB be price matched at Circuit City for 110% of the difference (i.e. price match + 10% discount)?

If your CC carries the Verbs then yes. Mine currently does not, so I don’t have the option :sad: .

WoW, how can you leave out the Verb DL media, 20 for $34.99, 8X too (8X certified, not 2.4X that can be burnt at 8X). And if you can snatch a 30% coupon, you will get this one to under $21 for 20 disc

FYI, these are the 2.4x discs. Link. Look at the pic and product details.

ok i got the prog and changed it to dvd-rom now how can i tell if it worked or not? cause it has a write button, change button and qurey button so i clicked the change button and it changed to dvd-rom but the write wont click so i used RNM and burrned the dvd.

also i tried the %30 off but it didnt work this time they called up a CSM and they said it had to be over $100 worth of items and they can only knock off %30 off one blah so i only got 2 pks they said last time was a mistake when i got the sonys for 30% off typle best buy BS

ok i figerd it out thanks for the tip on the dvd-rom

thanks for the confirmation, jhtalisman! I’ll be sure to call both Circuit Citys before I go there. They did have Verbatims before, but I have not been in there in a long time, so I will be better off to call beforehand.

title says “Verbatim 20-Pack 8x DVD+R DL Double-Layer Disc Spindle” on website. What I remember is that BB clearance all the 2.4X Verbatim and that was over a month ago. The picture shows 2.4X but best buy has cleared them out over a month ago. I will check it out in there and report later if I feel like going shopping today

Circuit city does not have Verbatim anymore, only Sony in a spindle of 25, not even 50. TDK, philips, nexxtech,and the ever popular memorex, I guess almost every retailer carries memorex.

well i just got back from BB and there was only 2.4x verbs dl and i asked where are the 8x verbs dl and he said “we don’t have them yet”. so i picked up 3 for a grand total of 3 x 34.99= 104.97 - 30%=73.48 - 5.oo=68.48 plus no sales tax today. :bigsmile:

Nice work on that. Just over $1 a disc on the best D/L media out there.

yeah $1.14 a disc…i feel like i stole them…lol…

Hey, where can one get the 30% coupon?