Best Buy 8/27/2006

Ripit will report these later I’m sure but seeing I got a paper already :slight_smile:

Fujifilm DVD+R 25 Pack Double Layer $39.99

Verbatim 25 pack DVD+R DVD-R $6.99

Where is the ad ?
I am browsing BB weekly ad from their site and it is the old one :confused:

The Verbs for 6.99USD 25 Spindle is a great deal.

many of us get best buy ads on saturday. they are one store that i always get a day early. that actual ad is probably not available yet as the prices and sales are not valid until tomorrow.

I live in Egypt , so ads arrive late :bigsmile:

It is a real sweet deal , for this price I will ask my brother to go there get me 4 of these 25 pack [B]only if they were made by CMC[/B] :clap:

By the time your brother send them to you if he has to pay the shipment cost I would imagine the total cost will be very high?.


It would cost me [B]nothing[/B]

He sends stuff with friends coming to Egypt as well as I send him stuff with friends going to the USA .
He did send me 100 Sony MIJ media before :clap:

Nice deal on the Verbatims. The Fujis aren’t even worth posting at that price though. Ritek D01 = :Z

I’ll wait for trusty ripit. :smiley:

So are those Verbatim’s better than the Sony’s that BB had on sale this week???

I was going to go today get some of those Sony’s, but I was too lazy to move in this rainy weather :p. Hopefully tomorrow I will go

Vertbatims are way better I think.

I thought there were some Best Buy stores out in BFE… :stuck_out_tongue:

What is BFE ? :confused:

Battle Field Egypt ?


No offense, but:

The link says it all unsensored too…LOL

If you can get Sony MIJ then Sony is better tha Verbatim if Sony is MIT then I rather to get Verbatim.

Then in this case is worthwile.

how do you tell if the Verbatims were made by CMC?

EDIT: Also I just bought some of those verbs @ best buy which are going to be on sale tomorrow. I think they are Prodisc. I am looking @ the serial # near the hub. It has a + in the middle…5266E1016+06088E13. Does that mean Prodisc?

Thanks Ceevee for the link, at least now i’ll know what to look for.