Best buy 8/26 - 9/1

sony 100 pack dvd-/+r - $22.99
memorex 25 pack dvd-/+r - $6.99
verbatim 20 pack DL dvd+r - $29.99

pretty good price for the DL verbs :clap:

thanks for the info.

this coupon from SD may help

Awesome, Thanks man

The coupon looks incomplete, here’s a complete one

best-buy_10_til_Aug_31.pdf (117 KB)

Are the Verb +R DL’s MKM001’s or MKM003’s? I need some MKM003’s :iagree:

All the 20-packs are MKM001, only the 15-packs are MKM003.

Thanks. I already have 70 or so MKM001’s so i don’t need any of them.

Awesome right back at ya
I remember seeing the top part when I used a july31 mover’s coupon
but don’t know what the SD poster did to the Aug31 coupon

Having the top part prevents undue questions

Does anyone have the full scans of this weeks circular up. I am looking at building a home theater and I am trying to decide if I should buy this week or next…the ads will decide.


Mackloon :a

It does not appear this coupon is eligible for blank disk media … or do we look for the blond at checkout and flash a nice smile?? :wink:

just try it
you may be pleasantly surprised
else go for the blond

Best buy they had on sale Sony +R DL for $29.99/pack of 50 few weeks ago, I bought two pack after burning plays great on PC DVD player but not in my stand alone Pioneer.

Were they MIS or MIT?

Has worked so far. The only time it didn’t the coupon would not scan and I just walked away from the counter and left my stuff. :iagree:

No 12% this week?

ripit usually posts scans of next week’s ads on Saturday afternoon/evening. If you’re lucky, maybe you can catch next week’s ads before Best Buy closes tonight and do a comparison.

BTW, I used to own one of those home-theater-in-a-box sets, where the receiver is also a dvd player and you just connect the speakers to it. Definitely not recommended. The player only had one set of inputs for hooking up a vcr and there was no way to expand the system after that.

I know it may cost more, but if you’re not planning on doing it already, I’d recommend buying the receiver and the speaker package separately. And then getting some 16-gauge speaker wire from Wal-Mart or something (rather than the little dinky wire they give you). I did all that to replace my old in-the-box system, and now have a DVD recorder, DVD player, 5-CD changer, and VCR hooked up to the receiver, with plenty of inputs left over.

You mean a pack of 25

i did a post of the scans for bestbuy next week

there is, check out the other best buy thread

Use it twice and you get 20% off