Best burning speed?

Ive been making copies of my movies for a couple of years now. I read all I can on improving quality. I have always thought slower( I burn @4x) was better for quality,but I recently read that on higher speed burners,I have a Plextor 716,you get better burns @ a higher speed. This goes against everything Ive always thought!
Is not slower always better for quality?
Thanks in advance for your replys.

I think it all depends on you burner, pc and media combo
Some will burn a 4x at 8x and get excellent results
others like to burn at one speed factor less than the media is rated for
ie burn 16x media at 12x
It all depends on one’s setup and thus one must experiment for whet works best in their situation

agree with zaq - it was generally true back in the dark ages of CD burning, especially for PSX games - X1 was all I could get to work (god that was a long time ago) - however, with DVD, I find that buring either at the rated speed or one step back gives me best results.

If you want to experiment get CDSpeed - burn at different speeds and then do a disc quality check.

I do best selecting a speed not exceeding mid-range in the burner’s capabilities and/or media rated maximum burning speed. For example, 16x burner, 8x media = 4x, etc.