Best burning speed for audio cd's on Plextor

I’m starting to burn a lot of audio cd’s on my Plextor 40/12/20A. I use Verbatim Super Azo made in China (52x) and Taiyo Yuden Type 1 (made in Japan Verbatimes) (52x). I was wondering what speed to use. I’ve heard that using the slowest (4x) can make things worse on high speed media. I was once recommended 16x. If 4x is so bad, why is it the only speed available when recording with Vari Rec (thats supposed to make he cd’s better) ?

Anyone have some experience with this, please give me your results/opinions. I have very limited scanning capabilities (I have no jitter scanner to test with). Am I wrong to think that slower burning speed gives less jitter ?

You will just have to burn at every speed the discs will allow to find the sweet spot.

That’s what i’ve been doing with my Premiums and the media i have.

Can you use PlexTools with your drive? There’s a free version to download.

I can use PlexTools but I cannot scan the result (jitter scan ect.). Trying to listen after the best result is very time consuming and sometimes, very difficult.

oh i see. So PlexTools will not let you use all of the tools with your Plextor drive?

Yes Beta and Jitter scan does take time but if you really want to know you just have to wait.

The Plextor I have is uncapable of Beta/Jitter scan (i think). The option is “grayed out” in Plextools. I wish I had a premium…

Unfortunately you can’t use Plextool’s advanced error checking with your drive so you are reliant on finding someone else with access to scanning tools to tell you how well your discs have been burned. As a general rule, with reasonably modern drives, 8 or 16X give the best results but 4X isn’t that much worse. I remember trying out the Varirec feature when the 4012 came out and not hearing any difference at the different settings - even though I was listening on a badly designed player that was sensitive to different types of CD.



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There are only 2 Plextor CD burner supporting quality scans: Plextor Premium and Plextor Premium II. If a CD burner with quality scans is needes, I really recommend the PRemium II.

You and James would know. You have more Plextor CD burners than i do. I just thought PlexTools worked with all Plextors. Show’s you what i used to know :bigsmile:

My good old PX-W2410TA for example does not support Q check also. In 2003 the Q check feature was the reason for my Premium drive. I think it is a good idea to check the burn when a new brand of media will used or a new pack. Unfortunately the quality chan change from CD pack to CD pack… :frowning:

yeah i’ve been telling people that for a long time here and they laugh. At least someone agrees with me now. TY is about the only brand i don’t have as big of a difference from pk to pk.

I’ve been running some tests for a member here on CD burning with my Lite-On 160P6S. I have used TY and Verb’s at 16X and not very good burns. I just burned a TY at 48X and it came out very nice.

That’s just an example of why i say you need to find the sweet spot for a burner. 16X is not always safe for burning CD’s with any DVD burner.

I’m using my Premium and PlexTools to scan with.

Well, I can write audio cd at max 24x on my Plextor. This is a limit Plextor itself has bestowed on my burner. They claim that burning above this speed would result in bad audio quality.

I was wondering about something .

The Plextor DVD Burners that are available today, can they write audio cd’s with offset correction when using Plextools ?

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Since I din’t get an answer to my latest question, I’ll ask again : The Plextor DVD burners that can be bought now, do they support offset corrected burning on audio cd’s using Plextools ? And what model is best suited for cd-r audio burning in your opinion ? I have both IDE and SATA connections(not SATA 2).

I use 16x or 24x with my Premium.