Best burning speed for 811?

Perhaps you can help because i have problem with some burnings at 8X speed. Did you notice perhaps what is the best speed for burning DVD+R media on my drive. Is lower speed better to get lower error rates?
All my burns on DVD-RW(Verbatim, TDK) at 4X ar OK, but when i try to make the same copy on to DVD+R(Verbatim,Eproformance) at 8X then i have errors at the end of DVD. Have latest fv on drive.

8x is actually the best for my 811s. This is with the ritek RICOHJPNR01 from newegg. I still haven’t had a great 4x read with kprobe though. Its a mystery.

DVD-RW at 4x with a 811, not really, change the - to a + :slight_smile:
Your problem might simply depend on the media you use. Post the media codes of the disks you use. You could give HS0K a chance, usually it was better on +R media than the later firmwares.

It´s all about media. Even if media is labeled “8x” it´s not sure your Litey will burn well on that specific media.

I can see you are using quality media already. Go for +R´s, preferably RICOHJPNR01. Yes, they are “4x” rated, but will burn nice at 8x. Using bitsetting in OmniPatcher will improve the compatibility on standalone player, PS2 and Xbox.
In the long run, more expensive (quality) media is cheaper then cheap media. Nowdays you can find on-line shops selling RICOHJPNR01 for ~0.80 EURO/disc.

I have had a “811” for more then one year now. Burned several hundreds of DVD´s on RICOH media with perfect results using firmware HS0K. I will post some pics so you can get an idea how well your drive “can” burn.
Both KProbe and QualityTest in Nero CD/DVD Speed are attached for comparison reason.

DataDisc Nero CD/DVD Speed, burned back in June. Media; DVD+R RICOHJPNR01 (Sony branded 4x) burned at 8x, scanned on 812S today. :wink:

i will post some kprobe and nero cd speed readings later, Sony and Imation DVD+R 4x(RICOHJPNR01) works ok burnd at 4x.

This is some Results in Kprobe. See the diference between 1x scan and 4x scan in Nero’s Cd speed…
Don’t know if its problem with drive or something else.

new scans…

tomislav, if you search you will find other posts here about problems with the 811s running Kprobe at 4x. It works okay for some 811s drives, but for most of us, running Kprobe at 4x on an 811s drive gives REALLY bad results. The best comprimise I have found is to run Kprobe at 6x on my 811s.

In reality, I am about to dump my 811s drive. Now that the new firmware is out for my Benq 1620, I can use CDSpeed and DVDInfoPro to do quality tests on the Benq. And when I really need a Kprobe, I can still use the 1213@1633.

Hi there,

Could you show those PI/PIF scans of same discs under your 811s @4x ? It’s only for comparison purposes and to clarify this particular limitation / behaviour of 811s. Thanks!
(I don’t remember if your 811s is really a modded 411->811 or similar; thanks for any additional note regarding this).

By the way:
I don’t know the rest of you (owners of original 811s, OEM version or modded units), but my burner can achieve very [very] good PI/PIF scans @4x !! ONLY with +RW discs… no DVD-R or DVD+R, but DVD+RW. You could say model 811s reading is someway optimized for rewritable discs…!!

I did myself assertions [other threads] about some kind of instability in 811s @4x. I should correct myself, because those hypothesis would not explain the excellent PI/PIF scans (@4x) of DVD+RW (MBIPG101-W03 and Ricohjpn-W11). PI under 20, PIF under 3…

Buy my self a new burner from LG. Think now that 811 is a fine reader but bad burner in my case. I will post 4x scans when i make them. And now i will show you my first burn on LG with stock fw and Verbatim DVD+R 4x see the diference between 811 burn and LG burn - same media.
Perhaps can i return my 811 for service, it’s still on guarantee.