Best Burning Software

First, let me apologize for the newbie question. I searched a bit of the forum but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Second, I’m pretty much a simpleton when it comes to CD-R(W). I have an HP8100 4x and Adaptec EZCD v4 and I’m very happy with the combo. I just ordered a Cendyne (LiteOn) 24x using cdfreaks as my guide (thanks!).

My question is this: With the LiteOn, I’m going to use CloneCD for all my “tricky” burning. But what is the best software proggie for the “day-to-day” burning? I like that Adeptec (Roxio) can decode MP3s on the fly when creating mix CDs for the car and that it is incredibly easy to use. If, on a “day-to-day” basis, I just primarily use the burner for creating mix CDs for my car (MP3 to wav burning), what it is the best software to go with? I heard that the newest Roxio software has some possible issues with the LiteOn drive. Is this true?

The new Roxio software is quite expensive. Can I find other software with about the same features for a Shareware or Freeware price?

Once again, sorry for the newbie question.


PS I got the Cendyne drive at for $92 incl. tax and shipped ($72 after mail-in rebate) using a “first-time buyers” coupon. If anyone is interested in a deal on the LiteOn, I think that’s about the best you can do right now…

the best burning software there is
is nero burning rom
it can do everything

My self I have tried a lot and setteled down to the following:

  1. EZ CD Creator for my MP3 burning and ripping from CD’s.
    Chose this one for same reason as you. Very easy user interface.

  2. Nero
    Use this one for my day to day stuff like burning downloaded ISO’s as well as few other formats

  3. CloneCD
    This one seems so far to be very dependable as far as getting image files that will burn and run after. Nero and EZ CD as well as others like DirectCD,WinCDR,and Disc Jug just dont make accurate enough image files to duplicate an exact copy and certain games/software dont run after burning there image. CloneCD so far has proven to be 100% succesfull at making images that burn and run undetected/flawlessly.

I have stuck with these as shown for bout a year now. Maybe things are diffrent now for example maybe Nero has improved there image files enough to possibly be better then CCD So anyone who thinks im wrong here please do correct me. Other wise I dont do that much burning so im not going to go on the hunt. :slight_smile:

CCD is still better then nero when burning images
besides CCD can backup protected games

Ok how do You do it? I’ve got a HP8200 cd-writer and EZ CD Creator 5.0 and I get buffer underrun error almost every time i try to record an AudioCD… Heh now I’m trying to find a software which has good possbilities for burning AudioCDs… Know any?

How fast is your rig? Does it have the CPU power to decode the MP3s with the burn? If I don’t multitask while burning I never get a buffer underrun with the 8100.


thanx a lot!!!
i will try it and i hope i won’t waste so much cd-r’s

And forget about EZ PC crasher, but use either Feurio! or EAC (in combination with CDRWin) for audio…

I use Nero-Burning ROM and I haven’t any problems.

It also works with Windows XP ;-))))


and don’t forget: visit Wizard’s Website and enjoy !!!

nothing beats nero for audio burning

You guys are all wrong. The best audio burning software and in a class by itself is WinonCD. You can do anything with a song within the program without altering it on the outside. Plus, I never, ever got buffer underun problems or crashed. If you like to do a lot of tweaking with your audio files this is the program to use. I just wish Cequatrat was still developing it, but thankful Roxio hasen’t trashed it yet…

:eek: I totally agree with baltmann. The best software for audioCD is WinonCD (the latest version is 5.0, at You can correct your song within the program, without any change to the original one, unlike NeroBurn.

cause if it can this is what i will use!!

i always use NERO no problemo.:slight_smile:

Originally posted by midnightcry57
Can clonecd burn from your hard drive

it can, only as an image file

Well, you guys haven’t tried Feurio! ( for Audio-CDs yet, have you?

Try it and you will never use any other software for CD-DA again!

I tried Feurio and I didn’t like it

i can’t fint it ?

same here

Originally posted by oaky_88
I tried Feurio and I didn’t like it

Which version did you try?
And is there any reason why you didn’n like it?