Best burning software?

I have searched the forum but It would take me aprox the whole day to get an fare answer.

If I want to burn image files to dvd (movies), and perhaps some audio cd’s, what software is best suitable for the task?

I have Nero, and realy I dont need that extra features.

Plane and simple

Try ImgBurn for most stuff and Burrrn ( for Audio CDs.

That’ll work :iagree: . But if you already have a Nero serial no., why not use Nero Micro . Install Nero Burning ROM only - strictly for burning, no bloat.

Download Deamon Tools And Install
Open The Image File In A New Drive
Then Select The Files To Be Written Into Dvd / Audio Cd Using Nero

So what’s the best? :rolleyes:

Now i have nero 6… I’ve tried nero 7 but it was full of bugs… :a

If it’s an image Imgburn is the best and it’s free.
Timc’s, the second post, is spot on so what are you waiting for?

Ditto. I have not used Nero in years. I wish they didn’t cram it down peoples throats with new burners…

I couldn’t agree more, Imgburn would be the best even if I had to pay for it. Lightning UK has written a program that is unequaled in my opinion.:iagree:

Thanks guys, i’ve tried imgburn and it’s great, but if i wish burn a multisession cd/dvd? It doesen’t support it…

With blank discs so cheap why the multi session?

Sometimes i burn only few data on dvd+rw and then i need to add other data on the same dvd+rw.

May i ask with what app?

Until now i’ve used nero 6 that support it… Any advice? So i can use imgburn for the rest, and another application for multisession…

I don’t burn multi session CD/DVD’s sorry. If it’s working out ok then just stick with it unless you want to try something different but that’s not a good idea sometimes either :doh:

CDBurnerXP Pro does multi sessions I believe. It’s also free.

CheetahDVDBurner will do multi session; not free but reasonably priced.

For me is not important the price, but the quality of burnings…

Thanks for your advices :slight_smile:

I use DVD-RAM quite a bit. Maxell 12X are nice to have around.

Burn quality is determined primarily by the burner & the media you use so the difference between burning apps is the user interface & functionality.

I’ve been using ONES v2 since it first came out. It does all I need, it has the best burning engine on the market ([B]Prassi[/B]), it’s very small in size and stable, and most importantly, I never had a coaster since I started using it (cannot say the same for Nero). :slight_smile: