Best burning software?

I’m sure I’m asking the same question a hundred others have, but I’ve done some searches and haven’t found a relevant thread, so here goes:

Having bought a new DVD burner, it appears I now have to buy new software for burning DVDs and CDs. Is there any kind of consensus out there about which program is best? I’ve used Nero and Easy Media Creator in the past. Like both, but version 7 of Easy Media Creator wouldn’t let me work with the screen resolution i use most often, 800x600, which kind of bugged me. The higher resolution is a bit hard on my eyes. Anyhow, if anyone has some ideas or could point me to relevant threads that I missed, I’d be most grateful.

By, the way, to introduce myself, I’m Bob from Northern Virginia, joined on Friday. My rig is one I built myself. It’s a work in progress, but here’s the current setup:

Antec case with a Antec Truepower 430 power supply
Asus A7N8X motherboard with AMD 2400+ processor.
512 megs memory
WD 120 gig HD and Seagate 200 HD
DVD drive (can’t remember who made it) and
Nec 3550A burner that just arrived from NewEgg (most of my system was purchased through New Egg)
Linksys cable modem, Linksys router for hardwired home network.

Thanks to the owner of this forum for creating it. It’s about the best hardware forum I’ve had an opportunity to use, and I’ve been doing this stuff for a couple of decades and more (my first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 with two floppy drives, no HD and a whopping 128K of memory!)


My suggestion is to use nero 6 only to create images ISO files, and then use ImgBurn or cd-dvd speed to burn these images.

In my opinion this is the best way to do burnings

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With good media of course.

Edit: Those programs Geno mentioned are FREE.

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Are you wanting to backup your DVD collection as far as burning DVD’s? You might be more specific on what you are burning to CD/DVD. Be careful there are rules here as to if you own the copywrited material.

I think I got what you’re saying, but I want to be sure. Use Nero to create a disk image, and then use one of the other two to actually burn it to DVD?

When I first started burning CD images years ago, it turned out that the best way to do it, at least for me, was to create an image of the CD then in a separate step burn that image to CD. It sounds like that’s what you’re suggesting. I just want to be sure.

I still burn backup copies of music CDs, so I can keep the original in a case untouched in case I need it. But I use my IPod so much for music, that i’m starting to just rip CDs to my HD and leave it at that. For DVDs, I’m mostly interested in being able to back up files, especially my music collection and photos, and to copy the occassionally DVD.


>> With good media…

I’ve read lately that cheap DVD blanks won’t last forever, maybe only a year or two. Is that true? And what media is considered most durable?

Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim… Verbatims go on sale quite frequently and can be found readily in brick & mortar establishments. Taiyo Yudens, on the other hand, can be found in brick & mortar establishments on Sony and Fuji branded media that has “Made In Japan” above the barcode on the +R formats. I recommend and for purchasing unbranded genuine Taiyo Yuden media. It’s getting harder to find MIJ (made in Japan) in brick & mortar latley…

Yes, this is what I was suggesting :slight_smile:

Right now all my burnings are done in this way (also for data discs: first I make images with nero and then I burn with ImgBurn or cd-dvd speed)

Ok for data discs you can, honestly, skip the whole “creating an image” step. Just burn at the rated speed for the media, make sure to get good media (there are whole discussion threads on what constitutes “good media”), and don’t meddle with the machine while burning. There’s no reason to make an image instead of just letting Nero burn your data.

Video is a whole other ball of wax… one that can’t be explained in the space of a single post.

You would do well to avoid nero7 at the moment as well…nero 6.6.* will yield excellent results on that rig of yours if you can find it discounted as old version software…:slight_smile:

Thanks, I think 6.6 is available really cheap on e-bay. Is there a problem with version 7? Or is it just not worth the money?


thanks, I’ll look for some threads on video.

alot of peeps here report bugs out the butt nero7…I’m sure they will fix it at some point, but not worth the hassle. Most here that mention nero7 include the statement…after a format or uninstall…and went back to nero 6.6.*…:slight_smile:

I’m still on nero 6.3.*…great burning software…no real complaints…:slight_smile:

Nero 7 was a major UI and functionality update. As such, they broke a TON of stuff that they’re beginning to iron out, but I can’t recommend it at the moment. :frowning: Stick with 6.x if you can.

Just to add my 2 cents about this topic.

I use Nero for burning movie DVDs where the volume name I want is 15 characters or less (as that’s the limit within Nero) , otherwise I get it to create an ISO image which I then burn with ImgBurn having first changed the volume name to something more meaningful.

I then disc quality scan all my burned DVDs & I can’t say I’ve noticed any differences between the 2 burning engines.

So I’d say that Nero was as good at burning as ImgBurn but there are times when one is more convenient than the other.

I agree: there are no differences between burnings softwares.

My personal choice is to use nero only to do images because in this way I can use CD-DVD speed to post burnings here in the forum :bigsmile:

my only real issue with images, (this is what I’d prefer ) is that my system is win98se, hence limited by fat32…more often than not I burn movies riped in file mode,:slight_smile:

Sorry if It’s a dumb question, but win98 don’t allow to use NTFS?