Best Burning Software for the 716A?

I’m looking to upgrade my NEC 2500A workhorse (fantastic burner) to the Plex 716A. I’ve been using Nero OEM (Ver 6) to burn DVD’s and also ImgTool. Will I need to upgrade Nero to 6.608? Is the packaged Roxio stuff any good? Much Thanks! :slight_smile:

Roxio < Nero IMO … there have been a few cases where users reported Nero to create non-standard Video DVD’s (the actual standards are very rigid) but personally, I did not encounter any problems yet. And the latest version is always recommended for the newest hardware.

Using PlexTools Pro is the best for me. I’ll use Nero for whatever PlexTools can’t burn.

I just picked up a Plex 716A (0304) today from Bestbuy ($129.95 minus $30 mail-in rebate = $99.95). I’m a newbie to Plextor, so I appreciate the head’s up on the Plex Tools burner, I’ll give it a try. Nice overall package (716A) compared to the barebones OEM drives I’ve had in the past! :bigsmile:

I personally use CloneDVD for all my DVD-Video burns. Works great for me as I love its interface (very simple) and the burned discs work in all of my DVD players. I decrypt my discs with DVD Decrypter. For everything else (DAE, burning CD’s, controlling drive, etc.) I use PlexTools. Nero is on my system but I don’t use it that much anymore.

I personally use CloneDVD for all my DVD-Video burns. Works great for me as I love its interface (very simple) and the burned discs work in all of my DVD players.

Defenily. The diference is that i also use Nero…for backup`s :wink:

I use two products to rip DVD’s: DVD Shrink and DVD-RB. Shrink is a great tool and I use it for anything above 90% compression on a single layer disk. If the rip is under 90% I use DVD-RB (which is in beta right now), but a great product. It uses CCE (2.70 SP) to encode and the results are fantastic. You can get more details on DVD-RB at the Doom9 forum board. :slight_smile:

Right now, I think (with fear of being laughed at :D) that Roxio actually supports the 716A the best. Data discs support both GigaRec and VariRec, and the software does a better job of keeping the drive’s 8MB buffer from getting too hungry (compared to Nero).

I hope Nero gets its act together in this area, because I generally prefer its more technical interface, but right now Roxio seems to have the advantage. My only feature wish list for Roxio is that they’d allow you to select GigaRec and VariRec while burning from an image file, which they do not (currently, it’s only in data mode for whatever reason).

I would favor Plextools, but it has some occasional stability problems when it comes to large disc projects and doesn’t allow you to burn from an image file (somebody please correct me if I’m wrong–I’d love to know how to do it).

I personally use CloneDVD for all my DVD-Video burns. Works great for me as I love its interface (very simple) and the burned discs work in all of my DVD players.
Try a Panasonic RV32 :smiley: (yes, it throws a no-disc-error at me :smiley: , and yes, when using mkisofs to make the image, it accepts the disc )

Well, whaddya know? Plextools does support it–it’s just not one of the main types. It’s right under Copy CD/DVD…just pick the source as “Image file” and you can turn GigaRec, VariRec, etc. to whatever setting you want. This opens up some more room to experiment…

Personally i use ones and plex tools

Excellent find! Indeed Plextools can write from an ISO image file and also it can create an ISO image file from a CD or DVD. Now one can use Plextools to write an ISO image file created by DVD-Shrink or ImageTool!

Hi !
Every image, created ImgTool is not burned by Plex Tools for me. The meaasge “Invalid sector size” appear.
Please help, what did I do wrong?
ImgTool Burn 1.1.8
Plex Tools 2.20
Nero Enterprise Edition

Use ImgTool Classic and burn ISO with DVD Decrypter.

Thank you. I tried to make image using ImgTool Classic 0.91.2 and now Plex Tools took it without problem.

  1. What is the difference between ImgTool Classic and ImgTool ?
  2. Why should I burn with DVD Decrypter and not Plex Tools? I would like to use Autostrategy function of Plex Tools. I usually use DVD Decrypter for transferring from DVD disk to hard drive.

Correct me if i am wrong, but the autostrategy function is available within any copying software as the settings are saved in the registry

I am not sure about the registry. I burned one DVD-Video using Nero on cheap media “POMS3A”. Disk was very bad quality and no new entry appear in AutoStrategy DataBase. PlexTools was opened in background. AS On, PR On.
After burning using PlexTools, the new row appear in AutoStrategy DataBase.
Plextor says : A maximum of 31 write strategies can be held in the non-volatile memory of the drive.

This is the Method I use When I burn DVD Video’s…
Since I got a Seperate DVD-rom Drive as the Reader(Samsung 816B)it takes about 15 minutes to Rip using DVD Decrypter and then reEncode using DVD Shrink Takes 14 minutes(Pending on CPU Speed Ram) and then use Record now max by making a ISO format from Shrink then finally about 8 minutes If I use a 8x disc or 4 minutes if I use 16X +R Disc since there is no 16x -R Disc out at the time, but I’ll stick with 8x Speed Burn.

AutoStrategy is controlled by the drive itself and its data is stored in the drive itself. It doesn’t save anything to the Windows registry. If you were to take your PX-716A out of your computer and installed it in another, the AutoStrategy database will still be available.

I been wanting to try out PlexTools but its possible there’s a conflict with nForce mobos.

Last time I installed Pextools Pro (v2.17 & 2.20) I starting experiencing skipping problems during DVD playback with WinDVD 5. The problem manifesting on DVD-R and DVD+R DL disks on both drives, the PX-708a and the PX-716sa.

Uninstalling Plextools did not work. I had to restore the C partition with a week old Acronis TI8 backup image to fix the problem.

I’ve made some changes to my system including upgrading the BIOS so I’ll have to try again after making another backup image.

Later, Conrad