Best Burning Software for PX-716A?

My PX-716A showed up today, surprisingly without any bundled burning software, just Plextools Pro.

I have licensed versions Nero 6, CopyToDVD and Sonic’s RecordNow! on other computers, so wondered which would be the best to install for the Plextor drive? DVD+R DL is the prime concern.

With my Sony DL drive I’ve been using RecordNow! and setting the book type to DVD-ROM with the LiteOn utility (the Sony is an OEM LiteOn) but wouldn’t mind changing.

Sorry if this has been asked countless times before. :wink:

You should have recived the Plextor DVD writing software, which includes burning software and Plex tools, You have Nero 6 so just update to the newest version. I would be calling Plextor and telling them you never received software.

Thanks for the reply, my disc definitely only includes Plextools, so if the writing software was supposed to be on it, they’re shipping drives with a trimmed-down package. If that comes on a separate disc it’s missing, either way I’ll write and let them know.

Do you know for sure that Nero is correctly handling the layer break for DVD+R DL discs? I know there was some question about this over on the DVDLab Pro forum.

There are posts and scans all over this forum for dual layer disks burns with Nero. Some one posted about a bug in Nero 6608 and when asked to expand on the bug he hasn’t posted back yet. Disc I received from Plextor included Roxio burning software, If you check out the Plextor Web site it will tell you what you should have gotten with the burner

Note that the version of Roxio that comes with the 716A is a bit crippled…one thing it does NOT support is AC3 audio extracted from DVD (I’m sure other features are also disabled). For full functionality, you’ll need to spend ~$100 for the full version…and then be prepared to maybe buy an additional software suite because it seems like no all-in-one package will cut it (at least for me). I use both Roxio 7 and Nero 6 Ultra Edition. So far, this combination has been working ok for me. Certain versions of Nero are buggy and I’ve had to use a combination of old and new versions to get around some bugs reading DVDs created with my Sony RDR-GX300 DVD recorder. If it were between Roxio and Nero though, I’d choose Nero hands down over Roxio. Even though there are bugs, they at least provide new versions on a timely basis which shows me that they’re working to improve the software and fix the bugs.

best bet for Movie based DL burning is DVD Decryptor…

Personally I use:

DVD Decrypter for ripping and burning DVD’s.
CloneDVD for re-authoring and then burning DVD’s.
PlexTools to control all the options of the Plextor drive and for DAE.
Nero for the occasional data disc.

Wow, lots of different opinions there! Thanks to all.

Just to clarify, I don’t need audio editors or all the superflous stuff that comes with Nero, don’t need anything to rip or shrink commercial discs or anything to author my own (I use DVDLab Pro), all I need is something to reliably burn pre-compiled DVDs to the disc.

I’ve had success with CopyToDVD with the Sony drive and they specifically mention Plextor in the FAQ about which drive to buy, but doesn’t Nero offer the only sure-fire way to set the book type of DL discs to DVD-ROM, or can Plextools handle that for all applications? In other words, would Sonic (for example) ignore the Plextools setting and write everything as DVD+R DL, therefore reducing playback compatibility?

Answering my own question… The latest PlexTools guide clearly states that it can change the DVD+RW DL book type to DVD-ROM as a default without any user intervention on a per-disc basis, so that essentially means any writing software can be used.

I’m therefore going to try CopyToDVD, it’s already worked well with my Sony, it gets great reviews on the DVDLab forum and its known to handle the layer break of DL DVD-Video discs correctly, the authors suggest buying a Plextor drive and best of all, it doesn’t clutter up the system with lots of useless junk like the Nero and Roxio packages.

Useless junk??? Smile when you say that! :bigsmile: Hehe…bloatware is probably a better term! :iagree: At least Nero lets you do a partial install…don’t install what you don’t need (well, up to a point). If I didn’t need the video editing stuff, PlexTools Pro would be enough for me. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

SMR-Group, you mean DVD+R DL (DVD+RW DL does not exist), right? Just to avoid confusion, since Plextor does not support DVD+RW (SL) booktype.

However, about DVD+R and DVD+R DL it is true: you can set the drive to use permanently the DVD-ROM booktype (the setting is stored in the drive’s flash memory), and then forget about it.

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Yes, I’m sorry, that was a typo, I do mean DVD+R DL.

With the settings being stored in flash, am I correct in thinking that Plextools doesn’t have to be running when burning DVD+R discs for the change in book type to work?

I’ll be giving one a try later, if CopyToDVD doesn’t do the trick then I’ll give DVD Decrypter a go.

You can determine the current setting by using my bitsetting utility

With the settings being stored in flash, am I correct in thinking that Plextools doesn’t have to be running when burning DVD+R discs for the change in book type to work?
You don’t need PlexTools for that at all

Nero,decrypter and Sonic. Be sure to not install INCD and Sonic packet software. Big problem.