Best burning software for 411s

I apologise if this has been asked before but I could not find the answer in the search option or on any of the other threads.
What is the best software to use to burn video for the best quality/compatability in other drives? Or does it not really matter
I currently use clone dvd for video files and nero to burn data. The results are ok especially with the fsof f/ware. However I would like to improve the quality of the burn.
Any suggestions and I will try to do comparison Kprobe scans to see if there is any major difference.

There’s nothing that software can do to improve burn quality. Compatability may be affected by formatting issues, but again not likely that the software will affect that. If you want to maximize your burn quality, try different burn soeeds and different media to see what works best for your drive. Using different firmware versions can also affect burn quality. Occasionally, a specific media will work better with an older version of the firmware.