Best Burning Software and Media (CD)?



Hi Guys,

I have read a few posts about my issue but wanted some direct guidance

I have 2 questions.

  1. What is the best CD media to burn CDs on these days? I have read that Plextor CD-R 48x (Taiyo Yuden / cyanine dye / silver) - is the best CD to use. Is that still the case?.. i cant find plextor brand but i can find Taiyo Yuden, not sure of relationship between the two?

Its for an Audio Book , not music.

ALSO if they are the best is this a correct link for them to buy? as it doesnt say Plextor- (

may be there is a better online store you might recommend?

  1. What is the best program to burn with? I have Nero 9 Smart Essentials. Is that enough or is there something better/recommended?

I am starting a media production company so i need to make sure im using the right software and media - thanks!



Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Taiyo Yuden’s the manufacturer, and Plextor was just one of many brands of Taiyo Yuden disc (Plextor media is not sold any more IIRC) - but TY discs can be found under many other brands. Brands can differ, depending where you’re located, but in general look for “Made in Japan” on the packaging.

Re: your link. Being in the UK, I’ve never used that store, but maybe someone in Aus can help out.

One thing about it that did strike me as odd - the item listed is named in several places as “Taiyo Yuden CD-R” - however, scroll down a bit and it says the media code is TYG03? That media code is for 16x DVD-R. :wink:

So either that’s a genuine typo on their part, or they don’t know what they’re selling :wink:

As for burning programs, I use either Nero 8 or Roxio for general burning. Other folks will have their preferences, too.


To be honest, you either will not be able to buy “the best media available” because its only for the PROs or it is too expensive, so all you can get is the best available “consumer media”.

And therefore follow Arachne’s guide.