Best burning soft for dvd video files?

If I have an ISO img file or such, I’ve heard that ImgBurn is the best program to use (especially for double layer media). But for DVD video that is in a VIDEO_TS folder (such as those extracted in file mode with DVD Decryptor), what’s the best burning software to use? Is Nero still the most recommended, or is there an alternative? Thanks

Nero is as good as anything else really. The quality of the burns is not so dependent on the burning software as on the burner & the media used.

So choose an app that suits your purpose best & burn with it. If you’ve got Nero use it.

Burning software don’t make any difference in burning quality. Burning quality is related to the combination of burner/firmware/media; the software is only an interface between the user and the burner.

You can use any software you like :slight_smile:

Thanks. Sometimes I find the interface of Nero a bit cumbersome. It seems to be a bit slow loading up (it’s startup screen covers my desktop for a couple seconds which annoys me) and I’m not a huge fan of the file browser in Nero Burning Rom. Nero Express is better, but then the burning screen doesn’t show as much information as Burning Rom.

So does anyone have any other recommendations for good DVD video burning progs?

If you like to have more informations during the burning process, then use this method:

  1. use nero to create an ISO file containing all you want to burn, and save the ISO on your HDD

  2. burn the ISO file with cd-dvd speed, in “Create Disc” tab

well if I already have the dvd video in file mode, I’d rather not waste more time and HD space by creating an intermediate ISO file. I understand that is sometimes the way with DL media but I don’t think it’s necessary for SL.

cd-dvd speed is the only software I know that give you informations on the burning process, but it can use only ISO or NRG files.

If you don’t want waste time and HDD space to create an ISO, then use nero express to burn :slight_smile:

Basically my original question was “what programs OTHER than nero are good for burning dvd video files” and you’re telling me nero express. But of course I’m also not interested in writing an ISO file if I already have the video in file mode. So are there no other recommended programs out there except Nero for my needs?

I already answered that [U]any[/U] burning software is good, but then you said that you find nero express user interface good, so I suggested to use it.

It’s useless to buy another software because software have no influence on burning quality. If you already find that nero express is good, then use it.

imgburn, cd-dvd speed write images very well. you can rip to iso instead of files with dvd decrypter if you want.

clonedvd2 is a full transcoder but also has a “burn existing data” function where it can write files or images.

dvd decrypter also has a burning engine.

i don’t know what you’re looking for…you can use any program. burn quality is more a function of your burner, firmware, and media than of the program used.

if you’re looking for a program because of some personal preference or because you dislike nero then try some other stuff out. pretty much everything has a trial…head over to the “copy dvd” forum and take a look at the programs listed.

cdfreaks also have a software section. has searchable software database.

there are a million options depending on whether you need something to transcode then burn, something to re-encode then burn, something to keep the layer break intact for dl burns, something to insert its own layer break if you’ve already removed thelayer break of a DL copy…

all you just said was that you want to burn files and not use nero…you’d have to be more specific with your intentions and preferences before you can get any meaningful advice.

videohelp might be your best bet since, as i said, they have a browsable/searchable software list

Nero will burn single layer VIDEO_TS ISO files as good as any burning software out there. However, as for Dual Layer, that’s a totally different story. Nero incorrecly places the layer break on Dual Layer videos which causes it not to playback correctly on standalone DVD players. Use ImgBurn instead.

I use Express Burn ,
Compared to Nero it’s Beauty&Beast, coz it’s fast and doesn’t have 300 unnecessary tools you get in Nero.

I personally don’t like Nero. I found it was interferring with my burning software and I don’t have it now and I’m happy about that. I did use and liked DVDClone which was good when I had XP. There is another software that goes with it that I can’t think of but you need the two to work together.
I then got Vista and found that 1clickDVDCopy Pro was fabulous, for me. I run DVD43 in the background together with 1click and I burn wonderful movies with good speed and great results. I burn at 8X and use Taiyo Yuden discs and this all helps too with a successful result.
The software I’ve mentioned has good information about them and I believe there is a trial period for free, which is great.
This is just for normal movies that you want to burn/backup etc…but in case you are interested I burn DivX movies with a program called ConvertXDVD which I absolutely think is just the best, easiest, quickest thing!
Not sure if I’ve been any help, but good luck.
Angie :slight_smile: