Best Burning Soft for Data?

I want to backup some videos along with documents and other files. In the past I’ve used Nero but I want something thats less bloated and simple to use. Basically drag and drop files. Only problem is I need something that will also allow me to overburn some large files I have. Can anyone recommend? Cost isn’t really too much of an issue, i just want to use something simple and resource light.

My comp is running Vista x64

ImgBurn is free and not bloated. It will burn stuff but cannot be used for video authoring, printing covers or such related tasks that can be accomplished with a suite such as Nero.

Whether it’s simple to use is a matter of taste - some people think it’s non-intuitive for “Build mode”.

ImgBurn supports overburning IIRC, but if you want overburning on DVD media, there are few drives that can handle it (older Plextor & BenQ) and none currently in production that I can think of.