Best burning program for the NEC-3520?



Hi All,

Is there a general consensus on what the best burning app. is for the 3520? I’ve had my 3520 (firmware 1.04) for a week and I’m having buffer underruns on most of my burns (2.4x, Fuji TY02 DVD+R) w/ DVD Decrypter and I’m looking to try something else. A buffer underrun error doesn’t show up but the read buffer goes empty and the device buffer fluctuates back and forth, this slows my total burn time down anywhere from 2 to 5 min. I’ve taken all the usual steps DMA enabled, virus and firewire protection disabled, defragged the hard drive. I’m using a Dell Dimension 8300, 2.6 gig P4, 1024 memory, 60 gig hard drive (45 gigs empty).

Anyone have any issues w/ DVD Decrypter with this drive?


The burn software has nothing to do with your inability to get enough data to the burner. Go into the BIOS and verify that ALL hard drives and optical drives are detected. Set them to AUTO detect mode. Reboot. Go to Device Manager and remove the Primary and Secondary IDE Channels. Reboot. Verify that the hard drives and optical drives in Device Manager are running in DMA mode.

Download HDTUNE and post the transfer speed of your PC here.


If you decrease your speed, do you get the same errors? Do you have 40 or 80 pin IDE ribbon cables?
Do you have Nero installed as well? Even the trial version will do. Install Nero and see if that helps decrypter burn a little better. Or use the bottom download in this list, but nero the trial version is easier to install IMHO.
I have dvd shrink, decrypter, alcohol 120%, nero 6.6(?) . For video images/MDF/iso,etc decrypter works well for me, for Vob type files dvdshrink works well, for game and secure iso’s Alcohol, and for all round cd/dvd burning Nero. It makes it so easy to burn using Nero Express and just picking the type of burn.


Hi Furballi,

I went into BIOS, my hard drive and both opyical drives were already set in AUTO detect mode. I also noticed in BIOS that UDMA was ON. I rebooted. I’m kind of new at this, you want me to uninstall the Primary and Secondary IDE Channels? My hard drive is the Primary master, my DVD-ROM is the Secondary Master with my 3520 set up as the Secondary Slave. Will uninstalling the IDE Channels put me at risk of losing info on my hard drive or Potentially mess anything up? If I uninstall then reboot will they reinstall automatically?

I did check in Device Manager, my hard drive is running in UDMA Mode 5, both of my optical drives are running in UDMA Mode 2.


just the IDE channel the burner is on.(secondary)


I like to delete both Primary and Secondary channels. No harm to the PC. These will be reloaded when you reboot the PC.

What is your burn speed and burn time? Can you launch Task Manager and monitor the CPU load throughout the burn? What is the peak CPU load?

If you have Nero, then set the Nero ULTRA BUFFER to 80MB and attempt to do a full burn at the desired speed. Does the Nero buffer drop below 50% during the burn?


Problem solved, I think. I have 16 perfect burns in a row w/ DVD Decrypter, no buffer underruns. Did everything you recommended except uninstall the IDE channels, didn’t think I needed to because everything was already in DMA mode 2. I also updated to the newest nero version although I haven’t used it yet. I have a hunch my underruns were limited to a couple of particular discs. Is it possible to get buffer underruns with certain discs even though they extract with no errors?

Thanks for your help!


Bad discs shouldn’t result in buffer underrun.