Best burning program for Dual Layer DVD+R?

just curious. is there a preferred program??

For movies and image files, ImgBurn is hard to beat, as it handles the layer break better than programs like Nero. :slight_smile:

Imgburn is the best period. Wouldn’t use anything else for my movie burning.

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Yeah, ImgBurn rocks, I love it. But lately I’ve been using CloneCD for Dl backups and it’s been flawless – no layer break skips, glitches or errors.

DVD Decrypter does a decent and fine job when comes to writing to DL disc.

Yeah, I can’t say enough good stuff about dvdd and Img…same developer and of course, Img is still supported. Another alternative, Fab just released an all new version of platinum v. This software creates absolutely flawless DL bkups, gets the LB perfect. It just came out of beta versions. I’ve done about 30 DLs in clone mode and very happy with the results.

Question for you- where can one get a copy of Fab’s platinum v.

FRom the following:

can I burn multiple images using CloneCd, or Imgburn ? If yes how so? and r these programs only to burn Image files?

You can run more than one instance of ImgBurn at the same time, if that helps. This allows you to burn with more than one drive at a time. Is that what you meant when you said “multiple images”?

ImgBurn can burn data, or image files. You can make ISO files with it, or cue files for audio cds. It can burn to cds, dvds or blu ray disks. And it has other capabilities as well. Look through the guides at the ImgBurn forum: