Best burning process for general public?

A while ago I did a slide show for a friends wedding. Someone at the wedding really enjoyed the slideshow, so they tracked me down and asked if I could do the same thing for their kid’s soccer team.
The problem is that they will want 15 or so copies of the DVD, but I’m not sure the best way to make sure everyone can view the slideshow on their home DVD player. Is one format a given that it will work on any DVD player, or is it more of crap shoot?
I know the DVD-R I did for the wedding worked just fine on my DVD player, but wouldn’t work on my friend’s older DVD player. From the little browsing I did on here, it seems the DVD+R is the better way to go?
I just don’t want to make it where these people pay me to make this slideshow, but then half the people can’t watch it.

DVD formats

There are several different DVD formats, not all of which are compatible with all DVD players and DVD drives.

DVD-Video and DVD-ROM are widely-supported standards, and all players and drives should be able to read them. There are two main competing sets of writable / rewritable format standards, however, differentiated in name by “+” (“Plus”) and “-” (“Minus” or “Dash”). Altogether, the four widely-used writable formats are: DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW.

Older DVD players and drives will typically not read any of these writable formats. Newer players and drives (manufactured since 2001 or so) will generally read DVD-R and DVD-RW formats. More recently manufactured players will often read the newer DVD+R and DVD+RW formats, and may be able to read both the “Plus” and the “Minus” formats.

Many newer DVD players are also indicating compatibility with DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW media. However, even when this compatibility is indicated, other factors such as the brand of DVD disc used can cause compatibility issues. It is also very likely that writable or rewritable media will need to be finalized before it can be played in a DVD-Video player.

DvD-R - Will play in about 93% of all DVD players

DvD+R - Will play in about 87% of all DVD players

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Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, make own experiences shows that burning the first CD or DVD slide Show in ISO platform would play in any DVD stand alone player then you can make as many copy as you need using both Nero Burning ROM for ISO process and NeroExpress for copying process.

Opp’s, Sorry with that being said, I would go with quality blank media like Verbatim DvD-R or TY DvD-R .

DvD-R - Will play in about 93% of all DVD players

DvD+R - Will play in about 87% of all DVD players

Thanks for all the info. This is what I was mainly looking for. I figured it was something like this, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything new that was 100% compatible with older players.

Again, thanks, for the info

I guess you’re pretty safe when you make a Booktype DVD+R video with the normal DVD -Video standard and as normal as possible movie streams and menus.