Best burning engine

What is your opinion about burning engines?
Most reliable, most compatible?
Nero, Roxio, Sonic, VSO, Elaborate Bytes or Imgburn.

There really isn’t that much to choose between them all.

I use Nero, Roxio & ImgBurn now but have used VSO previously but I can’t say I’ve seen much difference. I just use what suits me best, eg if I’ve got an image I use ImgBurn, if I copy a disk directly I’d use Roxio & for compiling & burning a DVD movie I use Nero.

The most important factor by far is the burner, the media you use and the health of your PC (DMA enabled, defragged regularly etc), beyond that it’s whatever you’re more comfortable with.

That’s my opinion anyway.

I agree :iagree:

Burning softwares are all good; the only variation is on graphical interface, so anyone can choose what is better about easy of use or intuitive or beautiful graphics: i.e. it’s only a matter of personal choice.

My personal choice go to decrypter/imgburn and cd-dvd speed (this latter I use mainly to post scans here in the forum). The only limitation of decypter/imgburn is that can use only images, and not individual files. But this is not a problem for me :slight_smile: