Best Burner

i’ve been reading the cdfreaks site for a couple days now, and i seriously got a headache from it. There is so much information here, its just so much to take in.

I currently run the Plextor PX-708A Burner and a AOpen DVD1648/AAP Reader.

I am looking to replace the burner with something faster. The only thing my burner will ever be used for is movies, and backup of computer files (Done about once or twice a year).

I have no issues with media and being able to read them in my home theater dvd players or friends dvd players (only ever found 1 set of dvd’s that after burning didn’t read in my players - can’t remeber brand had a white paper tops and were the cheapest i could find at the time).

Is there any single “Best” burner on the market?

Thanks in advance to any assistance.

There is no best burner on the market, as at the moment they all have their good points, as for me, later on i shall be ordering a benq 1655

if you don’t mind me asking … what was your basis for selecting the benq 1655?

Of course i dont :slight_smile: well i like the features. It has lightscribe, solidburn, and it is a very good burner and reader. Also good burning and ripping speeds… this is the website im getting from if you want a look :wink:

i’m in Canada so its about $38 Euros aswell. But i couldn’t find that one on cdfreaks… will it burn the “Safedisc v2.90 SD290” or is it a “three sheep” burner?

ummm not entirely sure… its the most recent benq model, so it is possible, but again im am not entirely sure…

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum raidencreed. :clap:
1655, will it do ‘Safedisc v2.90SD290’ ? No.
Is it a three sheep burner ? No.

could you list a few that are zeb?

thanks zebadee … glad to be here :slight_smile: haha

is there a burner thats “better” then the others or most of the others and that does safedisc v2.90 SD290 ? and if understand from what i’ve read on cdfreaks there are really no 3 sheep burners, correct?

really didn’t realize what i was gettin into when i started this “hunt” haha … when i bought the plex 2 or 3 years ago i think … it was easy haha

Hi :slight_smile:
AFAIK the best your going to get is a two sheep DVDRW.
This means I believe they will go to ‘Safedisc v2.5’.

so have to look for a Safedisc v2.90 burner … and on cdfreeks it says the plextor 755 doesn’t burn it :frowning: and cdrinfo it says it does …

Hi :slight_smile:
This type of thing quite often happens. When you get differences in reviews by different forums/reviewers. Your never quite sure if it’s s/w related, f/w or reviewer.

good point :frowning:

so much info … wonder if i should just wait :S

sorry to keep buggin you all …

do you know if this benq any good for backing up ps2 games