Best Burner to buy now?

What would be the best burner to buy now?

currently i have
pioneer a09
pioneer 111l
benq dw 1620
benq dw 1655

i’m planning on replacing both a09 and 1620, maybe 1655 too.

You have excellent burners already. :wink:

I would add Lite-On and LG in your collection though. Keep the 1655 and 111.

The Pioneer DVR-112 is very nice.
Optiarc AD-717x is awesome if you get a good one.

I would suggest the LG H22N or H42N (w/speedpatched RJ11 firmware). But, I would also wait for the LG H50N.

any Lite-on in specific?
LG H50N? is that that new one i been hearing about, supposelly has some enw security options?

anyone else?
any more comments?

You meant the LG H55, right? :doh: :wink:

I had a Pioneer 109XL which was a good ripper but a slow writer - it took longer to write at 16x than 12x, so I sold it (this was over a year ago).

Just ordered a LG GSA-H42NBRL this afternoon OEM is only £16.99 + Vat, but I went for the Retail version for only £3 extra.