Best burner to burn Memorex dvd dl

hi i bought a pack of memorex dvd + DL to backup xbox 360 games and they do not work with my burner, i’ve heard the best type of burner to use with memorex dvd dl are pioneer. can anyone suggest a suitable burner for laptops that will burn these memorex dvds for my xbox 360. thank you

Most forum members here will tell you to get Verbatim. Having said that, I have had good results with a number of other brands beside verbs - certainly for 360 purposes (may not be archival quality, but you have the original and cheap HDD for that).
With memorex, I assume it’s Ritek S04, then Pioneer 115 works well. I heard that Pioneer 116 is also good with Ritek S04 but I don’t have 116 to play with. The other burner that gives me good result with this media is Optiac 7200.
Since you have a laptop, you put these burners in an external case - preferably one with a NEC chipset.

@ Law16,

There isn’t a “best burner to burn Memorex dvd dl”. Memorex branded DL Media is known proven well-documented problematic poor quality Media. A Google Search ( will confirm this fact. NO DVD Burner is going to magically somehow transform problematic poor quality Media into quality error free media.

Contrary to information posted in this thread if you view the Disc Quality Scans posted in the CDFreaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum ( will see that the Pioneer DVR-115 Optical Burner does NOT produce acceptable Disc Quality Scans of Ritek SO4 DVD+R DL Media.

It has been discussed numerous times throughout the Forum that the only DL Media that consistently produces quality error free results is Verbatim DL MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. ALL other DL Media is suspect and should be avoided (not used).

You posted exactly the same posting in both the Game Consoles and CD and DVD Burners Forums. Suggest reviewing the Forum Rules ( and note the comment concerning Cross Posting.


thanks kefravenshield could your recommend me an external case im having trouble finding one. and yes i am aware that memorex dvds are poor quality, i just want a dvd burner that will burn them.

[QUOTE=Law16;2310197]thanks kefravenshield could your recommend me an external case im having trouble finding one. .[/QUOTE]

I have all mine internal as I have plenty of drive bays on multiple PCs. Use the search function and search the forum for 5.25" NEC Chipset Enclosure. These pioneers and Optiarc have NEC chipset in them, hence the suggestion. Probably some other chipset will work as well. As a last resort, post a question in a new thread.

Also please read post #9 at
It talks about a couple of drives that excel at DL burning which may be of interest to you. Finally, if you are new to burning backups for 360 make sure you use Imgburn for burning, set the layer break and booktype it to DVD-rom. With booktyping, the pioneer will do that automatically with DL disc.

The external enclosure thread:

Syba SD-U2DEL-525 = NEC

One reviewer used it with Pioneer 117