Best burner out of this lot?

Putting together a new system for a friend.
I personally have a LiteOn DVD burner but I was curous to see what else is out there.
Any opinions on any of the following please?

LiteOn 1213s
LG 4160
NEC 3500A
NEC 2510A
Pioneer 108
Sony DW-U18A
Sony DRU710

I have two good Lite-On DVD burners. :wink:

But, I still recommend you NEC 3500 for a trouble-free life and a happy friend. :smiley:

Thanks Pinto, I heard the NEC was good . . . probably the best you can get?

If you’re going for a Lite-On, why for the 1213??

Go for the 1653 instead!! :iagree:

Only because the shop I usually shop at stocks the burners I listed. I prefer to just go in and get it all in one hit these days instead of tropping around them all, only to find someone is out of stock of something.
Yeah, getting lazy I guess . . .

Also, 1213->1653 conversion isn’t too difficult!
But yeah, I’d go with the NEC3500 or even the new Benq DW1600/1610/1620.

The NEC, and a DVD-ROM, since the NEC’s tend not to be such tolerant readers.

Having one “do all” drive is something I never like to see anyway, as although reading is not “bad” for writers, it puts running hours on them, and additional open/close cycles results in more dust and fluff - and better that your cheap DVD-ROM drive takes the hit if a cracked CD lets go, than the more expensive writer.