'Best Burner-Of-The-Month Thread' Proposal



It seems to me that the question,“what is the best burner” gets asked more often that any other(except for “what firmware…” :smiley: ). The current/old threads("Which 16x DVD writer should I buy?"v1&v2) that were implemented to alleviate this constant question, or at least provide a link to send someone as well as open the floor for conversation concerning this topic, are now a bit old…almost a whole month or two :slight_smile: . They are no longer up-to-date to link to these threads in answer to this question from whomever wishes this answer.

I would like to propose that there be one started every month to keep somewhat up-to-date on this hot topic, since so many new burners and firmwares come out quite often.

I would propose the format be similar in the way of the current “Which 16x DVD writer should I buy?” but with a twist… the year/month(for ease of alpha-numeric organization) listed after/before the title…“Which 16x DVD writer should I buy 200504?” or something similar. Everyone must post-to-vote, possibly with a brief update on what did or didn’t change from the previous month’s vote. Posters would be encouraged to vote once every month. At the end of the month, the thread becomes closed and NOT stickied(‘unstickied’ to eliminate congestion) and a new, stickied one begins. There could be a sticky with links to each months thread.

Possible variations, if possible, the thread could be stickied/accumulatively-cross-posted(‘live-updated’)( :eek: I used the ‘c’ word) to each burning hardware forum for maximum visibility(particularly for newbies) and participation. It might be possible to set up a 1st/2nd/3rd vote system with 3/2/1 points and ‘most points-wins’.

Over time, there would be a cool log of the evolution of ‘best-burner’. You could graph/chart the points/votes to see the rise-and-fall of the state-of-the-art-burners. This could be included in the thread-locating-sticky

Anyway, just an idea. Comments?

can you believe this is my first thread started?


I’m totally agree…

Let’s start another Best DvD 3d ^^


I think you want to take all the fun out of the forum. :eek:
So much for search and people doing their home work. :eek:


Hey guys, I’m new to this forum, but not new to DVD burning. I have a very old DRU-500A I believe it is, a Sony Internal 4X burner. When I bought it it was like around $450!!! It’s now a useless piece of garbage that hardly ever detects media correctly. It gives an error in DVD Decrypter about “Incompatible Medium” or something, so it’s time to buy a brand new dual layer one I think. :slight_smile: If anyone could advise me as what to buy, I would appreciate it. I have not bought a CD/DVD Burner since the Sony a few years ago. I would like, I guess as everyone wants, THE BEST DVD Burner out there. That’s why I’m posting in this thread. Price is not really a consideration because they are all very good comapred to my Sony. I would like one that can burn every single format and has all the options and such, like CD+G, DVD DL, CD-text, 16X would also be good, and I would really like External too, so I can hook it up to any computer in our house, or to my laptop if I wish too, as my laptop only has a 2X burner(firmware limited?). Thanks everyone for your help. I would like to buy it ASAP, so any help will be muchly appreciated.



I agree with please…this is a prime example of why.


I’d like to bump this topic just once since it has fallen to the second page and after this I will let it die.
I counted 8 (more or less) threads on the first page of this forum alone directly concerning what is the best current burner.
I see this thread has been viewed 318 times as of today and only 4 replies.
I’d like to hear any comments from some mods or powers-that-be out there, maybe from someone who might take this to the next level or stick a knife in it(unless silence IS the knife)…anyone…is this thing on?(taps microphone)


My top 3 in this order pretty much (Do some searching to find more info on these drives or read their respective forums…).

  1. BenQ DW1620A w/B7U9
  2. LG GSA-4163B
  3. NEC ND3500A (If you can find one…)
  4. NEC ND3520A

Other drives I just don’t have experience so that is why they are not included here, not biased against them or anything but it’s unfair to rate a Pioneer/Plextor if I really haven’t paid attention to them. From what I’ve seen of the LG GSA-4163B I’m becoming more and more impressed with the drive. If my BenQ ever kicked the bucket I’d probably one instead of another BenQ. :slight_smile:


I like the idea of having something monthly. I have been trying to find info for Laptop DVD burners for a week. I have searched high and low here and elsewhere and have found very little. Initially it seemed that the laptop burners were very specialized but in reality they really are not. The “slim” drive fits most semi recent laptops manufactured in the past several years. I found two that seems somewhat more popular than others, I tried to figure out if they were fairly new or somewhat outdated and simply couldn’t figure it out. To have a general section that gets a lot of feedback would have been great. This brings up a good point, do you have a general “best burner” topic or do you somehow divide it in to internal, external, notebook etc.? I think a poll would be a good indicator that if you go for the most popular then you will likely be safe. That being said, it could also suggest that you will not be getting the most cutting edge. Good for some not so good for others. Perhaps to start you just create the new thread each month and let people enter whatever text they want. I’ll give my feedback when I get my new drive tomorrow. Then, after a few months re-evaluate the feedback and decide if a poll is practical or not. Just throwing out some thoughts.