Best Burner For Verbatim MC004 Media

Guys good morning im planning to get myself a ASUS DRW-1608P2,my verbatim MC004 gives lots of bad scans and stuttering movies on my BenQ1640 even at low burn speed and different firmware,
Wil the Asus fix this problem with my media,and wil i get high quality scans.

Or is there a way better burner

Thks alot peeps

MCC04 burns very well on my 110 and 1640 (at 16x), so maybe you got a bad batch.

If you get a new drive, realize that the 1608P2(S) is the same as a 110(D), and they are all crossflashable.

Should burn okay on both burners, the Pioneer is a little better with this media.