Best Burner for Verbatim 2.4x DL +R?

Just received a packet of 10 Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R discs.

As there are very expensive (compared to SL discs), I want to avoid coasters or bad quality burns. So which burner is likely to be the best?

Choice is :

LG 4163
BenQ 1655
LG H42NBRL (not yet installed)

Any reommendations or comments

I’ve done a couple of 2.4x Verbs with my LG4163B and was very impressed with the burn quality. Since removing that I trust my Pio 111L.

Thanks for the input, TimC.

Just to be different, I have just burned my first DL using my external LG E10L. :slight_smile:

It’s meant to be a bootable disc, so we shall see.

What’s the burn quality like on your E10L for the Verb DL?

You should’ve fed one to your lovely 4163B :smiley:

Not too bad, I suppose. But I have no reference yet.

It was burned at 6x.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Look at that jitter - as you can see, BenQ drives love later LG burns :disagree:

Yes, I shall try my next DL burn on the LG 4163.

QS below. Jitter has improved. :slight_smile:

Burned at 4x on my LG 4163.

Thought it might, BenQs are OK with burns from the 4163 :slight_smile:

I’d be happy with that :slight_smile:

My first burn of Verbatim DL on my 4163B gave a PIE total of 31800 , max 12 & PIF of 3413 max 10. Jitter was max of 10%. Burned at 2.4x mind.

I burned a Verbatim 2.4X DL +R with Lite-on LH-20A1H at 2x and it seems pretty good.

PI Max= 11
PIF Max = 2

I post a thread here with the result.

Although this is not your choice, but if you want to buy a new burner, I recommend this burner :smiley:

By the way, I heard BenQ 1655 is very good at burning DL disc.
At first I want to buy BenQ burner but I can’t find them anyway(If I do, it is so expensive).

You cannot burn it at 2x because 2x is a speed only suitable for DVD-R/RW/DL or CD media.
And almost any DL capable drive should give acceptable results with that Verbatim DL at their slowest speed.

I only use 2x speed for DL media. Other than that, I will use 16x. By the way, the topic is about burning DVD+R DL though. :smiley:

You didn’t get the point again. :rolleyes:

chef meant that : 2X is only available for [B][B]-[/B][/B]R media SL , DL or RW, while the slowest speed for [B]+[/B]R DL/SL/RW is 2.[B]4[/B]X :slight_smile:

I see, I never notice that. Hehe, because I always set the speed to 2 and I never go figure it will burn at 2.4x speed :slight_smile: well, 2.4 2.0, round up still 2.0. well, whatever >.>

To answer the OP’s question without tech jargon, Pioneer, I have always burned the mentioned media at 6x and now 8x and all discs read back perfectly at later dates and in standalones that play divx/xvid because I only use dvd9 for backing up TV Series so like 22-24 eps per disc.

Only I have not got a Pioneer! :slight_smile:

Best Burner for Verbatim 2.4x DL +R? ,< I only read the topic lol.