Best Burner for TY Media?

Well, I am pretty much sold on the idea that TY media offers the best quality.
Least thats what I remember reading long ago, and I am assuming it is still the case.

So for my next purchase, I will probably buy make a big order of G02 or G03 media. Or its DVD+R equivalent (only found for 8x so far).

But I am also thinking of upgrading my Pioneer 106, which has served me well to this date.

The BenQ seems highly regarded overall (I have no idea why, I am completely overwhelmed by DVDRW tech), and so is the NEC. I wouldn’t rule out a Pioneer either since this one served me so well.

But which drive is ultimately the better drive for write quality using TY media? And which specific media? I don’t mind burning at slower speed. I would pay the premium for the G03 if its better than the G02 at 8x for instance. Keeping this criteria in mind, what would be the best drive for me? (And which media should I go for)

I am sorry no one has responded to your post, I missed it or I would have.

Generally TYG02 at 8X or even at 12X will be better than TYG03 at 12X and it will save you some money as well. Also, I have found that YUDEN000 T02 (+R8X) to be slightly better than -R. If I were to use a single burner for just TY, I would first go with the NEC 3500, then the NEC 3520, followed by the Liteon 1693. There are a whole new bunch of drives not yet matured, Nec 3540, Pioneer 110, BenQ 1640, which might work out well when the firmware matures. Also there is a new drive coming from NEC, the 4550, to consider. You might hold off for a while and see how things work out.

The LG 4163 will blow the pants off NEC and LiteOn for burn quality on TY G02 or G03, and matches them all for T02.

G03 burned at 16x in the LG:

G02 burned at 8x:

T02 burned at 12x:

I don’t get scans as good as yours when I burned TYG02 on my LG 4163. I would get total PIF over 500 where my other drives were always under 100.

I kept it at A103 because the newer firmware was not as good for TYG01. I’ll have to flash to A105 tomorrow and see if the TYG02 has improved.

Thanks for the scans, beautiful. Let me know if that is not A105.

Good info ripit!
Most if not all drives do very well with TY002 MIJ +R 8X(Fugi MIJ at BestBuy).
Buy the cheapest one you can find $40 shipped at and get the 4540/110D/new LG later.

I concur with rdgrimes…

Although all my drives do well with TY, my LG is best overall with both -R and +R.

Unfortunately, not all LG 4163s like TY. Burned on an LG 4263, A105, at 8X. I’ll just keep mine for RAM and TYG01.

If you think there’s something wrong with that scan, you need your head examined.

Here is one also, this is from my 1673@1693 8x Burn

Edit: Opps wanted to post my LG scan, will do later gotta go to work…

Here is the LG 4163 @ 8x scan…

Hey, no need to get cranky. :slight_smile: It would be a good scan but it is not as good as the scans I get from TYG02 on my other drives. The Total PIE count is too high for my standards; I prefer a total under 5K.

I certainly won’t through away the disc, but I also won’t be burning any more TYG02 on the LG when I have 4 other drives that all get PIE under 5K.

chas0039, you have a lot of experience with ND-3500. What FW would you recommend for TY burns? I have 2 NEC 3500, one with hacked FW 2.TF and the other is with official FW 2.1A

The BenQ seems highly regarded overall (I have no idea why,

I’ve been re-burning like crazy: Here one from a BenQ 1620 followed by an Lg 4163. The last two of twenty I did just yesterday: Same TY T02 spindle.


Here an LG - pretty much the same - All were pretty much the same on either drive. Maybe the BenQ show lower jitter. All burns at 8x.

I may just have a picky 3500 but I have tried most new firmwares and I keep going back to L&D’s 218btrpc1.rar. I get my best burns on TY with this.