Best burner for Taiyo Yuden branded TYG02, TYG03, etc?

I’m looking to replace my BenQ 1640, but have been out of the loop for awhile, so I’m not aware of which of the current models excel at burning Taiyo Yuden, or which is considered the best.

Is the 1640 still the best Taiyo Yuden burner, or has it finally been surpassed by something new?

I’m not just talking about burners with low PI Errors. I’ve seen some burners producing great PI Error scores, but with PI Failures reaching above 1000.

That hardly compares to the 1640, which had an average PI Failure rate of less than 200 even when scanned with a weak laser.

I’m aware the information is out there if I put in the hours of patrolling scan threads, but requesting for help seems like a better time saver and would serve as a point of reference from which to compare other burners.

My Liteys have done rather well with both but most new burners will handle both rather well. Personally my BenQs(1640, 1650) choke on both to some degree but they seem to dislike -R period. The Pioneers tend to excel with TY media so the 212 or 112 could be good options.

Benq 1640 is still my preferred burner for TYG03 16X -R media but only @8X , I had 2 LiteOn burners that also used to burn TYG03 media at up to 20X with excellent results but unfortunately both drives died on me , I will be testing a new Samsung 203B with TYG03 and see how it will perform