Best Burner for Me? Sept 2006

Hello. My awesome LG GSA-4166B Crapped out on me. I am in need of a comparable DVD Burner with all the features my old one had such as DVD-RAM burning and LightScribe. Also, I would like the drive to have rock solid dependabilty. (if thats possible :)) My price range is from around $30-$75

Please give me your opinions.

Thank You,

If you are so satisfied with your LG maybe LG again. It wouldn’t be my choice. I like my Pioneer 111 very much, but it has no lightscribe.

So I think one of the best burners for you should be a LiteOn 165H6S. It’s a good reader and burner, has DVD RAM and lightscribe, is not too noisy (what Pioneer 111 is), and an advantage over LG it is a good scanner, so you can test the quality of your burns.

I guess I am starting to lean towards Plextor units that have HARDWARE QUALITY MANAGEMENT & TESTING (Qcheck?), AUTOSTRATEGY and POWERREC features, which mirror what BenQ drives have historically had. With all the wacky media out there, I want to know that my burns are reliable.

The Plextor PX-760A maybe?

It’s a little beyond his budget, I think. I know people who own this drive. When I scan their burns with my burners, I’m not impressed. For such a high price burner very average burn quality. Autostrategie still doesn’t work as good as BenQs Solidburn, and I think the LiteOn incarnation of SB called smartburn is better too.

And Plextor seem to have some quality issues. I know people who have sent back their drives three times, until they got a satisfyingly working drive.

That’s too bad. The 760 looks so promising based on its specs.

I’m still torqued about Lite-On goofin’ with BenQ. :frowning:

So what about the other technologies that BenQ had in their drives? Tilt Control, WOPC II, Seamless Link, etc?

Is Smart Burn a unique variation of the technology common to SOLIDBURN and AUTOSTRATEGY? Or did they take the SolidBurn technology and expand directly upon it?


AutoStrategy was developed by Taiyo Yuden and first introduced in Plextor PX-716A in September 2004. Then Philips introduced SolidBurn in their DVDR1648 drive in August 2005 and BenQ in their DW1640. Liteon’s Hyper Tuning (Auto Write Strategy) was introduced earlier this year in 5S and 6S drives.

NTL1991: if you want DVD-RAM and LightScribe, then good choices are Lite-On 165H6S or LG drives.

Agreed, I’d pick up another LiteOn or LG in a heartbeat :slight_smile:

Well, it seems it’s the LiteOn SHM-165H6S. I thank you all for your opinions! (I also like how it comes with 2 Faceplates as my LG didn’t come with any extra) By the Way, What does Half-Height mean? The Size of the drive doesn’t seem any different from others…

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Half-Height is the standard size of optical drives. Why they call that “Half-Height”? Maybe from the size of hard disks in ancient ages. :smiley:


I was thinking that. Thanks


the LG N10LK is good overall drive ?
i need one for everything :slight_smile:

You’re right about that. The old (early 80’s) 5-1/4" hard drives were real monsters; the size of two NEC burners stacked on to of each other. I think I’ve still got an old 20MB :rolleyes: Miniscribe laying around at the office somewhere.

5-1/4" half-height hard drives started to appear in '82 or '83. Really brings back memories, and not all of them good…


And the old 5 1/4 drives were the biggest of them all. I still have one that I removed from my 1983 IBM PC that originally came with only 128 KB memory…andthe CPU speed was 4Mhz. the machine cost $5600 bundled with 5 basic programs

I have a Benq 1655 and like it very much. It is better than my previous burner, a Plex 708A, but I do not test my DVD burns so I guess I don’t really know how good it is. I just read all the time that some people thinks the 1655 is a superior burner.

Is this just personal or subjective preference? I want to buy another burner and I thought I would get a Liteon165h6s, but I have a chance to get another Benq 1655 for the same price?
At the same price, which is the better buy?


That’s a matter of taste. Both are good burners. Maybe the BenQ can do good qualityburns with a wider range of media. And the BenQ is the much better CDR-burner. The LiteOn has RAM is the better scanner and the better reader. And a big advantage, the LiteOn will have good support in the near future the BenQ not. So for the LiteOn there is a chance for further improvements with new firmwares. Another alternative could be the Pioneer 111. This 3 drives are the best burners at the moment in my opinion.

I’m VERY happy with my 755A!
It’s my most stable and “high-quality-for-sure” drive!
See my scans here .

To be fair, i must admit that my BenQ 1650 with new f/w BCIC bruns great too, and it’s cheaper.

I read some good things about the newer Lite-On’s (160, 165, etc), and they are like $30-$35. Not too shabby, if the BenQ’s are hard to find, it seems.

If you’re after a replacement for your GSA-4166, get LG GSA-H10L (or if you can’t get it , try LG GSA-H20L, GSA-H22L, GSA-H12L… see a pattern? ;)).
If you burn CD-R a lot you should not buy a Litey unless you have another burner for CD-R.

if i can get the H10L so i must get it ? :slight_smile:
the Renasansa chip is better the the Panasonic chip on the H20L ?