Best burner for "High-end Audio" recording/copying?

I am considering two so far:

Plextor 40/12/40 TSe Ultra SCSI
Yamaha CRW-F1ZSX Ultra SCSI

I know the Yamaha is no longer sold, but, I have a source for purchasing one.
Any help in this would be very greatly appreciated. I plan to mostly archive my music collection, so, I want the highest Audio quality as possible.


Richard Fine

umm…for burning it doesn’t matter which drive you buy unless your drive is crap and it depends on the media, get good cd’s and you are set. there is no need to pend money on a new burner


if you don’t have any knowledge to offer, please don’t post, your wasting my time

Your going to get exactly the same quality discs burned with either of those drives (and any other cd writer for that matter). Your going to see more of a difference depending on what quality CDR’s you use though.

Yamaha is suposedly a better writer regarding quality, but I would prefer the Plextor due to it supposed higher reliability.

And you can use PlexTools with it, which is a plus.