Best burner for dvd2one

Are there any particular burners out there that work particually well with dvd2one? Or will all DVD burners work just as well as the other?:confused:

i think almost any of them should work fine… you can get a pioneer A04 on ebay for around $150-175.00 i think that is a really popular drive… alot of people use it… and the price is right… it will burn at 2x,and make a full dvd in about 30 minutes… (stay away from the dvd-ram drives) stick with either a + or a - drive… hope this helps…

It seems that it has no connection to dvd2one,
whatever can burn video-dvd by-itself would work with dvd2one.

I use Pioneer 105 (a05) with X2 recording (it has X4 burning option) because no x4 media is out yet (for a good price). and it works great.
using copytodvd for recording (wirte dvd video option)…

Thanks guys for the info