Best burner for DVD-R media (prob ritek g04)

OK I searched this forum now for 3 or more hours already and cannot make up my mind.
I need a burner that does the best quality at dvd-r media I use ritek G04.

My choice is now between

  1. Nec 3520
  2. BenQ DW1620
  3. LG GSA-4160B / 4163B

I’m overwhelmed by all the info I get and screenshots so thats why I ask straight to the point.

Many thanks for even readin all this!

Sorry but i’d go for a pioneer 108 maybe the new 109 depending how good it is simply because it’s that damn good on -R

Sorry couldn’t find the pio but I bought the philips 1640p and its freakin awesome I can finally burn good dvd-r on ritek g04 for the xbox… :hail: philips

Burned 10 discs now and :bow: hail to the king philips 1640p fw 3.0

topic can be closed on my part