Best Burner for Double Layer

Have the following gear:

Ripper: LiteOn iHAS120

Media: Verbatim DVD+R DL 8X

Application: ImgBurn

Which Burner is best for burning Double Layer discs ?

I’ve done some research, and the Optiarc 7221S (Sony DRU-V200s) seems like a great burner.

Is there anything better than the Optiarc for burning Double Layer ?

Is the Optiarc 7221S the same high quality as the 7200S ?

As a followup comment, this drive will be for professional use and burn quality is top priority.

[QUOTE=ELW;2227835]As a followup comment, this drive will be for professional use and burn quality is top priority.[/QUOTE]

Then just buy an professional one - Authoring burner.

There are some pro authoring drives available for a lot of $$$. That or try a cheaper, but still expensive, solution - a Sanyo Plextor. The Sony DRU-V200S is an Optiarc AD-7200S, not an Optiarc AD-7220 which is just a rebadged LiteOn. The 7200S is regarded as an excellent DL writer, while the 7220S isn’t.

evo69, thanks very much for clarifying the very important difference between an Optiarc AD-7200S and a AD-7220S. I was not aware that the AD-7220S is actually a rebadged LiteOn!

I found an “AD-7200S-0B” for sale. I assume the “-0B” version is still an excellent drive?

You refer to a “Sanyo Plextor” solution… I’m not certain what you mean. If you happen to have a part number for the drive, I’d really like to check it out.


I’m unsure what the “-0B” means, but if it’s a 7200S then it’s the drive you’re looking for (excellent in my book! :D).

Plextor drives with Sanyo chipsets are considered to be some of the best-burning and toughest DVD drives ever manufactured, and the most significant ones are the PX-716, PX-755, and the last real “Sanyo” Plextor the PX-760 - unfortunately, these are out of production (OOP). Plextor units were often used in professional production environments which can be attested with drives’ longevity (my Plex CD-RW is ~8years old) and high price even when sold as “used” - these are drives that would usually cost $200+++ (back when it was new) when consumer ODD were usually sold at a tenth of its cost. BenQ DW16xx drives also burn MKM media well, and like the Sanyo Plextors, are also OOP.

While the 7200S doesn’t have the features that Sanyo Plextors and BenQ units have, it does its primary function well, and that is burning DVDs. ODD enthusiasts value Plextor and BenQ drives for their extra scanning features and the control they offered users in burning discs. While the 7200S can be hardly called a “professional” drive, it produces excellent DVD SL/DL burns and very good CD burns.