Best Burner for CD/DVD Playback?

I plan to replace my current NEC burner for something newer. I prefer to buy a burner that accels at CD playback sound quality, if such a burner exist or are they generaly all the same when it comes to CD and DVD playback? CD and DVD movie are my main concerns…what are the better models that outperform the rest in these two areas?
Advice Please…Thanks!

Playing cds and dvds, there just isn’t much to choose between drives. You can find some drives that rip or read faster than others, but that is a little different.

Do you plan on getting a drive with an IDE interface or one with SATA? And where are you located? That will help us point out specific drives for you.

I live in Canada but usually buy online and will be looking at IDE’s, so many options should be available.
I read somewhere the Plextor PX-850 or a Pioneer would be better for audio but I have no knowleage if this is true.

The Plextor 850 is just a rebadged Lite-on drive and [B]very much overpriced[/B] for what you get.

The Pioneer 116 is a good choice, but so are the LG drives. There just isn’t an overwhelmingly fine IDE drive out there right now unless you can find a Sony/Optiarc 7200 series drive. They’ve been replaced by the less well regarded 7220 series.